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With a dig…dig…diggy… VALENTINE!!


OOH Today is Valentine’s Day!!

Now, the day hasn’t really made THAT big of an impression on me… but it’s fun when I have a good idea.  And, I like my idea for this year.  If I do say so myself.  Thought of it myself.  Well… most of it.

So, when Isaac was born, people would tell me “He’s ALL boy”.  And, I never really understood exactly what that meant.  Especially I grew up in a FAMILY of girls.  Three sisters.  My husband has TWO sisters.  Then Isaac comes, and as a baby, people are telling me he is a boy.  Duh.  But, as he has been growing…  it’s hitting me like a slap on the forehead.  And on his head (he just got 5 stitches on his eyebrow after a very boyish crash involving a chair, exercise ball… and apparently a mommy who needs to be more careful when she is sweeping… So the BOY says.

ANYWAY… This is what Isaac’s Valentines’ are gonna be:



It’s a CUP of DIRT AND WORMS!!  Nah, just a cup of crushed graham crackers and gummy worms.  And, I made these tags:



This comes from the I DIG YOU stamp set.  I markered them, stamped, and cut out.  Used the tiny brads to put on the wheels and then put them on the large tag from the two tags die.  This was cut from the early espresso core’dinations paper, embossed and sanded (sorry… paper isn’t available anymore.  email SU… to tell them they need to re-release it.)  I found these tiny shovels on amazon to add to the tag.  (Isaac LOVES shovels).



This is the finished product.  Put lids on the dirt cups and tied in a bag.  I LOVE the new Natural Trim ribbon (Spring Occasions Catalog).  It has the look and weave of burlap but is a lot softer and easy to use.

Here is the mess of them:



This is what inspired the diggy valentine…


The stamp set is a MUST have for all proud BOY families.

And, being we have family all over the country, I had to make a valentine to send away.  This is what the family on the mainland got:  (I created it in My Digital Studio).  It doesn’t have a diggy theme, but was too cute to pass up…



and back:



Well….  Hope you have a wonderful VALENTINE’s DAY!!  And, I can’t help but thinking about the biggest, best valentine of all…

For GOD so LOVED the world that HE GAVE his only son that whoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life.   John 3:16.


And, check back on SUNDAY for the Stampin’ UP 25th Anniversary Stamp Set Blog tour!!




Isaac had his birthday last month.  Though it was super low-key and we didn’t do any decorating or anything fancy, the un-declared theme became diggers, dozers, and all things dirt.  This was absolutely perfect because when this catalog came out, I saw the I Dig You stamp set and knew I needed it even before I knew why…this was prior to his immense attraction to all things dirt.  It came in perfect for writing write thank-yous for his birthday!!  I love it when all things align…

I got the idea of doing a post card because a while back I bought Christmas thank you postcards (I know, you shrink back in SHOCK that I bought postcards, but I was desperate, and it was nearly March and I hadn’t finished thank-yous for Christmas)  And, the post card concept is extremely easy in both design and actual WRITING… so…that is what I did.  The stamps were markered with our wonderful stampin’ markers.  This gives the ability to add color to a single image.  They are large, chunky stamps which make it real easy to add in.  Nothing too detailed.

Here are a few other pics from the dozer theme:

we have dozer cookies:

and a dozer cake:

And, you will have to excuse my inability to label each of these vehicles.  Isaac can give you a complete tutorial should you nee one…  They all seem like dozers to me.  And, they all deal with dirt.  And, a dirty little boy sure LOVES to play with them….