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Happy Valentine’s Decorating!



Today’s post is very special… I was invited to be part of a ‘Creative Blog Hop’.  The rules are, post and then link to 2 people who post a week later….  And use Stampin UP! products.  Then, after the bulk of my post, you will find my answers to questions about my ‘creative process’.  I was invited my my friend and downline, Anne Matasci.  You can go see what she posted HERE.


Here is my first project….  This pillow with the heart garland.  I happened to see his pillow on etsy and though, “HUH.  I could make that.”  So, I did.  I bought the fabric from a local fabric store.  I like it cause it is burlap like, but not as rough and smelly as burlap.  I LOVE decorating with burlap.  But, hate the feel and smell…  So… This is a close second.  It’s way softer and not at all stinky…  When I saw the pillow on etsy, I immediately wondered if the framelits could cut felt.  WELL.  They can!!  (fyi:  This is not a manufacturer suggested use for framelits).  However, I had no problem cutting mine.  And, the magnet platform for the big shot made it a breeze.  I used the silver baker’s twine to make the hanging string…  Was going to use black, but then thought the little thread of silver would be a nice pop…  (and, if I had it to do over, I’d probably  just buy a premade pillow case instead of making one…just cause the fabric was super stretchy which made it WAY hard to work with)


Here is a close up….


The next project I made was this Valentine’s Banner.  I decided to use the “Love Never Fails” phrase from I Cor. 13… Just cause I thought it would be something different to hang up, but still Valentiney…  I used the chalk board banner kit…WHICH I LOVE.  Everything is pre-made and ready to go…  I had the stencils left over from the canvas banner kit so I used those to make the letters….And, I made the letters with the white chalk marker rather than chalk.  That way, it was more vibrant.


You can see, I cut LOTS of hearts out of felt.  And, I used the banner framelits to make the embellishments on the sides and between the words.  The magnet die makes it SUPER easy to cut the heart out of the center of the banner.  For the heart garland, I used TONS of felt hearts and got out the trusty glue gun and went to gluing… Here, I used the linen trim (retired), but any flat ribbon would work.  The flat ribbon was great cause it was wide enough to keep the hearts from twisting all over the place.  I originally wanted a silver button in the center of the hearts, but that made them fall forward.


Full Confession:  I decided to do a little Valentine’s decor…becasue I never really got Christmas decorations up.  AND, at this moment, I have a spring banner over the entry way mirror, a days of gratitude banner (thanksgiving) up on the back wall, and a ‘JOY’ marquee sign that never got taken down from Christmas, ALL gracing my living room.  We like to celebrate all the holidays.  At the same time.  Or something.

And, I didn’t want to just leave you with Valentine’s decorations… so here are a couple paper crafts…

This one is a little treat holder I made with the gift card enclosures.  Super fun…  SUPER fast!!  You can make up a pile of these in no time and pass out to friends and co-workers for Valentine’s!!


And, here is a card.  Notice the heart.  Again.  I think that poor little framelit got quite the work out….


This is from the ‘Hello LIfe’ stamp set in the Occasions catalog…  and that paper, is the DSP called ‘Typset”.  It’s thinner than the usual DSP and makes crafting fun.  It has a different feel but is gorgeous.

Now, on to the questions…

1.  What are you working on?

Huh…  well, I have a pile of mason jar drink cosies that need to be finished.  But, the projects for this post consumed my weekend.  I don’t feel like I ever have enough time for all my projects… the littles take up LOTS of it (The Littles:  Zeke and Hannah, my 9 month old twins).  I have a LIST of things I want to do…which include the Baby’s first year album for said littles, and a project life album.  OH.  Christmas Thank Yous.  I need to get out the Christmas Thank you cards.  Which may be combined into Valentine’s Cards.  Valenmas Cards.  There.

2.  How does your work differ from other’s in your genre?

I like clean and simple.  Honestly, I think I don’t do as much of it as I would like, just because I think it is TOO simple for most of my stamp customers.  And, I’m constantly trying to explore how to use the tools I have in new ways (like the framelits for cutting felt to make some decor items…)  I am currently in LOVE with layering white on top of white (talk about clean and simple)  and deep mats on the layers (getting away from the traditional 1/4″ size difference between layers on cards and doing maybe a .5″ or .75″ mat…I know, pushing the boundaries, but still…)

3.  Why do you create what you do?

The simple answer to this is that I have a need to have it… for example, I made the above items intentionally for this blog hop.  It worked out well, cause I wanted some Valentine’s items to decorate with and that worked out perfectly. But, being honest again, it probably wouldn’t have been made if it weren’t for the deadline of this particular blog hop.  It would have ended up like the Christmas garland I started.  Which is still in a bag in the craft closet, half finished….  So, deadlines seem to necessitate my creations.  I LOVE working with people to make invitations or announcements.  It’s a puzzle, to figure out what someone wants, and to get it done!  And, I love the process, and making people happy with what they get.

4.  How does your creative process work?

Well, it usually starts with me seeing something and going, “HUH.  I CAN MAKE THAT”.  I inherited that from my mother.   She does that too.  And, so do all my sisters.  Sometimes it looks like what I thought, sometimes it doesn’t.  But, there have been LOTS of times when it doesn’t turn out how I originally saw it, but I love how it turned out anyway…  And, being that I live 5000 miles away from my mom and sisters, I’m VERY thankful for MMS so that I can send pics of the projects to ask them questions.  And, to brag when something actually works out…


Thanks for stopping by!!  Thanks to Anne for nominating me!!  Next week, Feb 2, be sure to check out Cindy Fodor  at  and Maria Pane at

And TODAY… go check out Cheryl Hamilton, and Andi Potler at





Here’s another card I made for a swap… This one is from the Spring Occasions mini catalog… “You Plus Me” stamp set..   It’s a fun little stamp set. And I love the coordinating paper and washi…. But anyway…. This card has the new chalk board paper on it.  It’s a nice paper and with the chalk ink pad… Works very well…


This is a black card base with the white layer… That is hard to tell in the photo… But I love that little stapler. And I seem to be using it on everything!!

Check back on Monday!  I’m going to be part of a Creative Blog Hop… I’ll have some exciting projects for you!

Life gives you lemons….


Make a card!  What else did you expect??!!

So, the story behind this is SU has just started their annual Sale-A-Bration promotion.  And, for every $50 you spend. you get a free stamp set….  WELL.  Every year, just before this comes around, one of my upline hosts a SAB swap.  And, I like to participate.  However, this year, I didn’t even get a chance to look at the stamp sets before I signed up for the swap because it was in the thick of Christmas Crafting (which for me, is from November until Dec 25 in the wee hours in the morning…)  So!  I just chose a set based on the name.  And, this set is called “A Happy Thing”.




Lemons for me are a very happy thing!  I have a lemon tree that I just LOVE.  Fresh lemonade is one of my favorites.  Along with lemon squares, lemon butter, Lemon brownies…  I have a whole pinterest board devoted to it.  This lemon was fun to color with our blendabilities (Stampin’ Up version of copics). markers… cause you can shade them… and you don’t get those UGLY marker lines, but get the saturation you want that you can’t get with pencils…  I’m learning the blendabilities.  And, cannot figure out where they’ve been all my life.  Coincidentally, you can choose some of the blendabilities sets as the free item for SAB as well…

Anyway, if you are interested in learning how to get some SAB sets of your own, contact me!!  It can be a happy thing for you too!


Happy New Year!! Happy New Blog!

Happy New Year!!  Happy New Blog!

Well.  Kind of.  Yes, this is  But, now it is Hanniejoy&Co.  I decided to change the name because 1. I was getting tired of cause it just seemed too limiting  2.  I chose card-ed cause I couldn’t think of any thing better at the time and 3.  I am ready for something fresh and new!

But, now, we have hanniejoy.  (she’s twin B of the pair, but, hanniejoyandsqueaks seemed too long, and then I didn’t want Isaac to feel bad, so we just decided to stick with the girl…) that way, the boys have each other.  And, Hannie is going to rule the planet at some point, so we might as well start things off right.  And, having a name like hanniejoy&co allows me to be able to explore more of the crafting realm besides just stamping.  Which I did anyway, but I always felt it didn’t make sense with my blog name.  So, you can still get here by going to OR by

I digress…

Happy 2015!!

I’m excited to show you this year’s Easel Calendar!  I always have so much fun making these…  and we will do the same thing as we did last year… publish on the first of every month.  And, I will include links to Anne  and Cheryl so you can see what they are doing with their calendars as well!

Without further delay…Here is JANUARY!


I had so much fun with this one.  It is my first real attempt at using the blendabilities markers.  I’ve decided I love them.  (These are copic markers for those of you not accustomed to SU lingo).  This is the cherry cobbler set.  I like them because you can blend the colors and shade.   The flower is the ‘Blended Bloom’ flower  It’s a single image stamp set (only one stamp) but lots of fun to color…


I have a very few of these calendars left if you would like one. They are $10 for the refill and $15 for the calendar and easel (plus shipping if you are not on Maui) Or, if you would like the template to make your own, I have the PDF for $5.  Email me if you are interested in either…

Head on over to see what Anne and Cheryl have for you…

And, let me know what you think of the new look!