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Well. Not really. I know someone who is going to be famous. So that’s almost the same, right?

So. My husband’s Aunty just wrote a book. And it’s going to be published FRIDAY!

SO exciting!


And. I got to read it. Before it was published. I will let the implied neener-neener pass because she said I can tell you a little bit about it.

It’s a story of how Eileen has come to see purpose, healing, and faith during some of the most difficult times in her life. From terrible tragedy, an unexpected pregnancy, to a child with special needs, and the dreaded CANCER diagnosis, Eileen has detailed how each step of the journey has created a deeper faith and trust in her Creator.

One theme that rings out through the entire book is summed up in one line that Eileen recalls her mother saying, “God will teach us things through this we can learn no other way” (Kusakabe, 55). And this seems to me to be the most resounding message and had even made me see things through different lenses. Heartache and tragedy isn’t in any way diminished by what we learn from it, but it becomes meaningful and valuable if we step back and figure out what God wants to teach us through it. This book does a powerful and beautiful job wrestling with that concept through each of these heartaches.

I appreciate the raw emotion, wisdom, and experience that Eileen has shared through the book and feel that you will be encouraged by the read. I hope you will consider picking up a copy. You can get a copy here, or you can join us on Friday (7/27/18) at the Maui Barnes and Noble and from 2-4 p.m. and pick up a copy, (THEY WILL BE 20% OFF) meet Eileen, AND GET IT SIGNED. She will probably sign it for you as well 🙂


Who wants a free Clutch?



So, we are back from our yearly pilgrimage to the Homeland and I have come back with lots of goodies with which to make all the things. It’s so exciting.  And while making clutches isn’t new for me, Sunkissed Wahine in Kihei has just started carrying them!  Head over to my Instagram page @hanniejoyandco to check out how you can win one of these!  And, sray tuned for new designs and patterns!