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BEST of Butterflies


Welcome BACK!!  For the next installment of the Best-OF tour.

Best of Butterflies.  And, I gotta say, it’s the BEST OF.  There are so many nice butterflies in this set it’s unbelievable…  And, I am now kicking myself now cause I had lots of things I wanted to show you with that I’ve made previously…  but, due to my compulsiveness to not keep things after they retire, I no longer have the samples.  But, the take away from this is that you need the stamps.  Cause they are great.

When I first saw these butterflies, I was instantly drawn to the Monarch one…  And, thinking it needed to be bold.  And stand out.  So, this is what I came up with:

20130517_202432 - Copy


I love square cards.  Now, I now they cost more to mail… yada yada….  BUT… WOULDN’T YOU LOVE GETTING THIS IN THE MAIL??  WITH THE ORANGE (correction, tangerine tango) POLKADOT ENVELOPE???  It would make my WEEK.

Since we are nearing the end of this current catalog, I figured it should be a tribute to more things retiring…  like the Scallop Square die (Can you see it, behind the basic gray square panel, layered on a solid black… it’s the whole tone-on-tone thing…)  The Designer Series Paper Stacks (used for the tangerine envelope AND for the basic gray background on the card).  AND, I used the retiring square punches, the 1 1/4″ and the 1 3/8″ punches.  Now, I know you are thinking that squares are easy to CUT.  but, they are even easier to PUNCH.  And, you need them to make an envelope (well, it makes making an envelope easier).   SEE:



Okay… so… back up a couple of steps.  The card is 4 1/2″ square.  So, I made the envelope 4 3/4″ square.  In order to do this, you cut a paper that is 8×8 and use the diagonal plate on your stampin’ score to score lines at every 3 3/8″  (do it on all sides).  This will leave you with a little place where your score lines intersect.  You are gonna wanna remove the paper from the area where they intersect.  The square punch works swimmingly.  Now I know you could use scissors and cut it.  But WHY??


20130517_202312 - Copy

And, you need the punches to punch out the pieces for the front of the card.  Well, I suppose you can cut it, but punching is faster.   And, for the butterfly, I decided to use the aqua painter.  Cause I wanted to be able to layer the color.  Okay.  JUST had a brainstorm…  I need to research this, but perhaps some of you know…  now, copic markers are alcohol based.  I wonder what would happen if you used alcohol in the aqua painter??  I’ve never tried.  Always done water…  HUM…  Anyway, that is beside the point.  I know lots of people prefer the blender pen to the aqua painter, but… gotta say… I love the aqua painter.  Admittedly, there is a learning curve with using it, but once you figure it out, it is EXCELLENT for adding color to specific places.  Perfect for shading, adding depth…etc…



And of course, I had to add some rhinestones cause, well DIAMONDS should be on everything.    See in the butterfly that it looks like a few colors?  It’s not.  Just tangerine tango… layered on with the aqua painter…




Just another perspective…  My favorite is the butterfly busting out of the box.  Cause why be conformed to a box??  Why be limited by a white envelope??  To a NORMAL sized card???  There is NO NEED TO LIMIT.  🙂


Anyway, I hope you enjoy the rest of the tour… You are now headed over to Deb Leigh.  You can click on the button below.  Or use the list of links if you need….


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My Littlest Sister…. GRADUATING


So.  My littlest sister is graduating from high school tomorrow.  Wow.  I cannot believe it.


That is her.  On the left.  With the ridiculous red wax lips.  I got those in the mail-room at OBU.  I worked there through my college career and someone put a bunch of those in the campus mail for us to distribute.  There was one without an ‘address’ and we didn’t know who to send it back to, so my supervisor said I could have it.  I had to have it cause I knew Lauren would like it.  And, when I sent it home, I put a note that told mom she had to take a picture of her with them.  And, it’s been on my desk ever since.  My desks have changed, but the picture has been on it FOR THE PAST 15 YEARS.  (And, you can see, I need a new picture frame…)

Here is a more ‘recent’ photo…

lauren graduation-001 (3)

I made this card in MDS.  For her graduation open house.  And, as you can see, most of the talent is in the great photo… but…  I will take whatever credit I can get.

Here’s what I made to send her.  It’s a surprise, so don’t spill the beans (she graduates in several hours, so it’s probably gonna be okay…)


The card is one you’ve seen before.  It’s from Sale-A-Bration.  When I made the card a few months ago, I knew at that moment that I was going to save it for her.  The lei I made…  a co-worker showed me several years ago how to make a haku lei (that’s a lei-making style of ‘weaving’ flowers together–and traditionally is worn around the head.)  However, I made this a lei to go around the neck.  And, being that KANSAS is 5000 miles away from here, I had to make and mail it on Monday.  And, thanks to the great people over at the USPS, it arrived it on Thursday.  And, mom said other than being a little ‘compressed’ it looked pretty good.  I credit this to all my friends who have the flower knowledge who told me what flowers to buy that were a bit heartier than others…

Here’s a close-er up…


I JUST LOVE the sentiment on the card…. Congratulations, Smarty Pants.  It’s perfect.

So, my baby sister… (well, they are all the baby sisters, since I’m the oldest), but she will be the last of the  Brown girls to go to Oklahoma Baptist University.  ALL four of us went there.  My parents should get a punch card… buy 3 the fourth free???

Anyway, I am very proud of her.  I’m proud of who she has become.  And, in many ways, there is a bit of sadness for me in this…that I cannot be there… that 5000 miles has separated us for nearly ALL of her growing-up years. I got to watch her grow and change in a very unique way that the distance has given me… a different perspective.  Since I didn’t actually LIVE with her for the last 17 years of her life, I feel that I got to see things more objectively (well, I realize that isn’t the correct word, but vocabulary is failing me right now)… But, I never actually engaged with her in the traditional ‘sisterly’ way…  (ie… stealing clothes, make-up, brawls, fighting over the telephone, tv… etc…) (Okay, now that makes it sound like me and my other two sisters hated each other, which is NOT the case, we just had the more traditional relationship cause WE WERE ALL BORN IN THE SAME DECADE…)  So, I got to see her grow, change, make decisions, learn, I’ve proofread her homework….  It’s REAL interesting.  Fun.  And, I’m excited to see what else is in store for her.

She has this verse on the wall in her bedroom:

” But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.”  Isaiah 40:31

And, this is my prayer for her… that as she continues on into this next chapter in her life, she will wait on the Lord… for his guidance, direction, wisdom.  And, that she will use the strength He gives to soar.  Cause she will.  And, I’m excited.

I love you, Lauren…

Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot …. DRESS.


Okay, so it’s not Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny, but it it IS polkadot!!!

LOVE THE DRESS FRAMELIT!!  I wanted to share with you what one of my stamp club members, Harriette Anzai, made as a favor for the club meeting at which she was hostess…



Aren’t they SO cute.  She made a little box that goes in between the dresses and it holds a chapstick.  The box could easily be adapted to hold anything.  Dress Up Framelits Die (130101)




Then bagged in the gusseted cello bag, (item 127850) and tied with the Crochet Trim (# 118481).  That pretty rosette, is the 5/8″ Flower trim (Item 126869) from the Spring Occasions catalog.  And, ladies, it’s wonderful.  AND… it’s NOT in the new catalog… Therefore, you have until 5/31 to stock up on your supply.  You can use it as a string of flowers or cut them apart for just a tiny embellishment.  AND, oh… the gusseted cello bag didn’t make it to the new catalog… they are $3.95 for 25…. you might wanna stock up on those too…



Here is a close up of just one.  I like how Harriette made the tag and then stuck it to the outside.  So often I think it has to be tied on, and it doesn’t.  The scallop oval frames the plain white card-stock thank you…  Hard to see in the picture cause the scallop oval coordinates with the dress.  But, super cute.



Here is a picture of the top, so you can see the box with the chapstick.  Do you think I can quit my day job and become a hand model??  Probably  not.  At least it’s not covered in staz-on.

Anyway, Thanks HARRIETTE, for these super cute favor ideas.  Yet another idea of how to use the dress.  If you really like the dress, I would recommend you take a look at these:  The All Dressed UP Birthday Kit!!



You get EVERYTHING shown in the picture… enough to make 6 birthday cards.  AND, you will have the stamp and ink to use on future projects…   All Dressed Up Birthday Kit (item 133913) $15.95…


Check back on Sunday for our next Blog Tour.  BEST OF BUTTERFLIES…. it’s the next installment of the Anniversary Best Of Stamp Sets.  See ya!!

The Lobster has me STYMIED


So.  Those of you that know me know I was born and raised in the mid-west.  Kansas to be exact.  THE FARTHEST PLACE ONE CAN GET FROM AN  OCEAN IN OUR COUNTRY.  Seriously.  So, when this stamp set, By the Tide, was selected, I had a miniature panic attack.  Cause what the heck do I do with a lobster.  I have no idea how to eat them, prepare them, or even how to ORDER them.  I’m not even sure I’ve had lobster… probably have, especially at some buffet or something like that, but I don’t recall…..  And, until I moved to Hawaii and actually had REAL fish, I thought I hated all seafood (cause all I had to compare it to was catfish…which, if you like catfish, my apologies for the offense.  I, however, do not like it.  not one bit.)

ANYWAY, so I had to do something with a lobster.  I realize there are other stamps in this set, but I had to make it a personal goal of mine to make something with a lobster.  LOBSTER.  WHAT DO YOU DO WITH A LOBSTER?????  Looking at my favorite inspiration sites (aka pinterest) I found lots of New-England Coastal scene.  Which was really nice… BUT, I am also unfamiliar with that TOO.  Remember.  Kansas.  Not New England.

So, I made it a point to do something unexpected with a lobster.  And, my first thought was to pair it with melon mambo.  Cause I didn’t see ANY of that color on the pinterest search.  And, this is what I came up with.



An IN YOUR FACE PINK AND BLACK (melon mambo and basic black) card with LOBSTERS.  Cause you wanna make a statement.  Send this card and I guarantee you will get a phone call… asking what do the lobsters mean?  So, here’s your chance to come up with something  REALLY funny.  Or just simply say, “they were to get you to call!!!”  Cause what do you do with a LOBSTER.  (I’ve polled several people, and the only answer I got was to EAT it.  Hum… )




So, here are some details on how to make the card.  The card base is made from melon mambo.  I cut basic black and whisper white panels to go on the inside.  Then folded a portion of the melon mambo front over.  I think I trimmed off about 1/2″ inch too, just to make it a little smaller.  Can you see the 3 scored lines?  Stampin’ Score.  Makes it SUPER easy to do neat scoring texture.  I added a scallop trim border.  Those buttons… those are the silver Basic Designer Buttons (item 129325 for $5.95) from the Spring Occasions Catalog.  I love those buttons.  And, you only have till May 31 to get them….  (or anything else in the Spring Occasions catalog you might want)  I added a little of the taffeta white ribbon on the button, embossed the word HI (from Fabulous Phrases set, 120501) onto the curly label punch.  And, that it it.


This next card was a little easier… in the sense of making something with the other images from the stamp set.  And, despite my resolution to try and NOT tempt you with the new colors going to be released, I did not have the willpower to do so.  WHAT YOU ARE SEEING HERE ARE SOME OF THE NEW COLORS.  Aren’t you LOVING them?  And now mad at me for showing them to you and making you wait until June 1 to buy??


The card base for this was naturals ivory.  It has a very earthy feel.  And, then I used Pistachio Pudding as the pale green layer and Coastal Cabana as the brighter green that has the “Miss You” stamp.  And the seashell stamp.  Brown Sugar ink was used for the wording stamps and crumb cake for the seaweed plant.  Those spots… that was a stamp from the My Paper Pumpkin Welcome Kit.  Which is marvelous.



Can you see the texture on this?  I used that canvas creations paper.  (item 129375)  Which is really not paper.  It’s kind-of a cross between paper and canvas… but really more canvas.  Maybe it is.   Who knows.  It doesn’t have the rigidity of paper… when you take it out of the package it definitely flops about.  But, it can be easily cut on the trimmer.  And, I love it cause you can fray the edges… just pull out some of the fibers.  There seem to be two different surfaces…one definitely has more texture than the other.  I used the more texture one.  I love it…gives a very earthy feel (I’m using that term for lack of a better word….)  I don’t FEEL very well right now, some cold that’s been going around.  Which I’m sure is why I’m having a more difficult time than normal figuring out something appropriate to do with lobsters…and figuring out the correct vocabulary to use for describing what I am trying to say…


I love the new colors, both the in-colors and the color refresh SU is doing.  It will definitely be lots of fun creating new things with these new products.



I think I win the prize for having the two most miss-matched cards from the same stamp set.  But, I did that on purpose (snort…).  Shows VERSATILITY.  And, I wouldn’t be anything if I weren’t versatile.     I don’t even know what I am saying.  Methinks it is time for more medication and an nap…..

Enjoy your next stop on the tour.  You’re off to see what Deb Leigh has for  you.  Click on the button below… or if that doesn’t work, there is a list…