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I learned how to do zippers!


So, this summer when I was back visiting the homeland, I had my mother and seamstress extraordinaire show me how to do zippers. I am  not really sure what I was afraid of, cause they really aren’t that bad.  Anyway, I decided to put my newly aquired skill to use and I made these:

Just little zipper pouch bags. I have a confession. I havent met a bag I didn’t like.  So I have no idea how I’m gonna be able to part with these…but… I have NO room to keep them… Anyway… Super cute and perfect to help organize a purse or diaper bag.

I also made these:

I kept seeing these cute little hand sanitizers done up as Santa-tizers but was wanting something more natural to use on my body (especially with all the banning of chemicals in the handsoaps…) So! I made my own!! The ingredients in these are all words I can pronounce. I am comfortable using these with my kiddos…and shoots. They are so cute. Makes a perfect little gift or stocking stuffer.

OK…stay tuned. More sneak peeks to come.  And see you Saturday!


Sneek Peek


Here is the first item to sneek peek for next Saturday’s Maui Stampers’ and Friends craft fair!  It’s a returning favorite: card gift bags!

Yes. That’s the yard. The lighting was just so good outside… Anyway, these little gift bags contain a set of 4 cards, mini notebook, and a pen. Perfect little gift for teachers or coworkers! Be sure to shop early cause I have an extremely limited supply…

See you Saturday!

Cute Little Monster

Cute Little Monster

Being the mom of young children we get to celebrate lots of birthdays… our own, our friends… LOTS.  So, I thought this little birthday monster would be the perfect way to celebrate!


I LOVE HIM.  He just makes me happy with his one eye an goofy smile.  I made him from the Playful Pals stamp set.  Se his arms and legs?  Elephant trunk.  And it’s a perfect way to use washi.  Here I matched it with some washi I had… but you could totally use any color just to add pop.  The banners at the top are (sad to say) retired…but they’re a favorite of mine too…

Here’s the inside:


I love this card for the young ones.  It’s been perfect for birthday celebrations.  And, I’ve even used it for those who are young at heart!!  🙂

AND…  DRUMROLL….  I know you’ve been waiting all year with anticipation, but we are less than TWO WEEKS AWAY from the most awaited event of the year!!  THE MAUI STAMPERS’ AND FRIENDS CRAFT FAIR!!  It’s nearly here!! NOV 19!  Mark your calendar and be sure to come!


Stay tuned!  I will be featuring items that will be available this year!  (FYI:  Thhis monster card will be there!!!)

Acorny Thankfulness



We don’t have large Oak Trees in Hawaii…  (we don’t have small ones either…), but thanks to this stamp set, we have ACORNS!!  And cute ones!!image


Using non-traditional fall colors helps brighten up the acorns!  It’s a fun spin on a Thanksgiving classic…image

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