Isaac had his birthday last month.  Though it was super low-key and we didn’t do any decorating or anything fancy, the un-declared theme became diggers, dozers, and all things dirt.  This was absolutely perfect because when this catalog came out, I saw the I Dig You stamp set and knew I needed it even before I knew why…this was prior to his immense attraction to all things dirt.  It came in perfect for writing write thank-yous for his birthday!!  I love it when all things align…

I got the idea of doing a post card because a while back I bought Christmas thank you postcards (I know, you shrink back in SHOCK that I bought postcards, but I was desperate, and it was nearly March and I hadn’t finished thank-yous for Christmas)  And, the post card concept is extremely easy in both design and actual WRITING… so…that is what I did.  The stamps were markered with our wonderful stampin’ markers.  This gives the ability to add color to a single image.  They are large, chunky stamps which make it real easy to add in.  Nothing too detailed.

Here are a few other pics from the dozer theme:

we have dozer cookies:

and a dozer cake:

And, you will have to excuse my inability to label each of these vehicles.  Isaac can give you a complete tutorial should you nee one…  They all seem like dozers to me.  And, they all deal with dirt.  And, a dirty little boy sure LOVES to play with them….


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