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I am a bit embarrassed.  I am trying to clean out my stamp stuff, stamp room (a task that happens needs to happen more than I care to admit.  And when it does, it is monumental…ridiculous…and takes way too long.  Anyway, when I was cleaning I found 12 of these turtles stamped on vanilla cardstock.  They are from a hostess (longfellows? maybe?) from LAST YEAR’S catalog.  Therefore, they are not available… (but the card is!!).  Anyway.  I liked the turtles, borrowed the set from somebody, made a bunch with the intention of completing an entire card.  Well, it’s almost 2 catalogs later, and here you go:

So…  Sorry to torture you with that, but now I have the turtles made into cards and all is well with the world.  Aren’t they cute?  I feel a sense of completion now that is finished.  And now I don’t have 12 little turtles residing on my stamp desk.

Now that you are irritated that you don’t OWN this cute stamp set, just remember… the current retired list is out.  Don’t get stuck without a stamp set that you really want.  Be sure to get your hands on those retiring sets before they are gone!!

And oh…  I probably won’t make my supply order for our April 28 Smooches class till tomorrow evening… So…If you put off signing up for it and thought you were too late… email or call me ASAP.  I can get you added!  We have a few slots left.




Isaac had his birthday last month.  Though it was super low-key and we didn’t do any decorating or anything fancy, the un-declared theme became diggers, dozers, and all things dirt.  This was absolutely perfect because when this catalog came out, I saw the I Dig You stamp set and knew I needed it even before I knew why…this was prior to his immense attraction to all things dirt.  It came in perfect for writing write thank-yous for his birthday!!  I love it when all things align…

I got the idea of doing a post card because a while back I bought Christmas thank you postcards (I know, you shrink back in SHOCK that I bought postcards, but I was desperate, and it was nearly March and I hadn’t finished thank-yous for Christmas)  And, the post card concept is extremely easy in both design and actual WRITING… so…that is what I did.  The stamps were markered with our wonderful stampin’ markers.  This gives the ability to add color to a single image.  They are large, chunky stamps which make it real easy to add in.  Nothing too detailed.

Here are a few other pics from the dozer theme:

we have dozer cookies:

and a dozer cake:

And, you will have to excuse my inability to label each of these vehicles.  Isaac can give you a complete tutorial should you nee one…  They all seem like dozers to me.  And, they all deal with dirt.  And, a dirty little boy sure LOVES to play with them….