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Loading up….


For the craft fair tomorrow!  I wanted to share a few last minute things before I finish loading…

The 2015 Calendar!
Its finally here….  And with a little more than a month left in 2014, it will be making its debut soon. These are good little gifts because with the available refills, you don’t have to come up with any more gift ideas…


And… I have a few fun family items…

A couple different sets of conversation starters to use at the dinner table and a set of Christmas oriented family activities to welcome the holidays! 


And…  Little favors for the family or classmates… These are M&M and sixlets sleeves and See’s candy lollipop reindeer!   Mix and match them!


See you tomorrow! Remember, everything there is Made on Maui!



Back by popular demand….


It’s 10:45…. I’m still within Thursday. So, I’m not late.  But, I wanted to share with you some of the most requested items I will have on Saturday.

First up:  Car Trash Bags.


These have, by far, been one of my best selling items. They’re a little trash bag that can hang from the head rest in your car. The inside is a laminated canvas so it is easy to wipe out.

They don’t just have to be for trash…. They make a nice catch-all for books, crayons, etc for the children too..

Second up is the Mason Jar Cookie Bar Mix:


These great jars have the dry ingredients to make delicious chocolate chip bars FAST.  Cause who wants to wait for chocolate chip cookies?  They come with an instruction card with the wet ingredients to add…  And a few short minutes later:  deliciousness.

I wanted to also show you a guest crafter’s items… My mom. She isn’t a paper crafter but a fabric crafter. And I’m not sure there isn’t anything she can’t sew…  Case in point… The best, cutest, cross-body, perfect Vegas traveling bag.


These bags are super cute and cheery. They are just the right size…not too big or too small. They have three pockets on the wall in the inside… Perfect for your phone. A button closure completes them.   She only made a few of these…so don’t be late…

Saturday. 9:00…


Stockings and Stuffers!


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!

And, if you need a little help, I have the perfect stockings for you.  I LOVE these stockings… they’re more along the lines of the long and skinny type, and have the perfect blend of rustic and elegant…  Burlap is so popular these days… I love the texture it adds to things.


My favorite are the rusted jingle bells.  But they DO jingle!  Cannot have bells that don’t jingle….

And, with your new stockings, you need something to put in them!  Here are a couple suggestions:  The mason jar water glass.  Now I know that EVERYONE  has jumped on the mason jar band wagon…  But here’s why these are special…  Stainless Steel Straws.  AND a little cozie.  This doesn’t block all the sweat, but does a lot.  And, I used pint and a half jars (20 oz) to make these instead of the usual quart size.  This means a little less drink but they aren’t as heavy AND they fit in cup holders (well, at least in my car… whereas the quarts won’t).  And, they’re already wrapped.  So no wrapping required on your part!


And the next stuffer is a little gift for the pedicure enthusiast… (I am a self-proclaimed pedicure enthusiast….so these are probably one of the most fun things I got to make).  It’s a little set to make those toes ready for the Christmas!  Two polishes and a little mini nail file to go with it!  These are perfect little gifts for co-workers, friends, teachers… I LOVE the tag:  “For your Mistle’toes’!!”



See you on Saturday!

craft fair 2014-001


Write a note, make a note


Welcome back to the 2nd installment of my countdown to the Maui Stampers’ and Friends Christmas Craft Fair.  Today we have implements to write notes and make notes!!

First up is the little gift note bundle!  Little bags that have a set of 4 cards and a post-it and pen.  I love these little bags.  They are the perfect little gift.  It’s nice to have on hand, just when you need a little gift for someone.









I’m really in to burlap these days, so these bags were a perfect find when I was doing my yearly crafting stock-up shopping…


And these flowers are so cheery!!  Not that we have to worry about the winter blues here, but they are the perfect cure for those… It would be a good gift to send to the mainland right now…


And, these clipboards are the perfect place to keep your notes handy.  I have about 5.  I love them cause they hang perfectly on those command hooks just at arm’s reach for all your ‘I need to remember…’ jotting down..



imageAnd, you probably guessed, I don’t have too many of these either… so come early!!


See you Saturday!

craft fair 2014-001


Coffee!! (Lets try this again…)




Clearly… If you have signed up for emails when I publish this is the second round of this post…and Clearly… I need some coffee.  (That is what you get for trying to rush around and multitask way too early in the morning).

Anyway, This is the REAL Coffee Post!!

Some of you may know, this weekend is our Maui Stampers’ and Friends Craft Fair!  And, I wanted to give you a little taste of some of the things I will have for sale there.  The first item up for grabs are these little coffee cups!  Complete with carriers!  They are filled with chocolate covered espresso beans (sealed in a cello bag…not just loose).  These would make the PERFECT gift for teachers, co-workers… your favorite coffee lover…  and apparently, me at the moment… 🙂

Attach a gift card to a favorite coffee establishment and you have an instant gift!  It’s perfect.









I have singles and double-shots available!!


I love the paper straws too…



Be sure to get there early cause I have a very limited supply of these…  (I may entertain the idea of doing orders, but haven’t decided yet….)


OOh, they are so fun.  They were fun to make!  I’m hoping to feature something every day this week… And I will PROMISE to TRY not to upload cryptic blogs posts at the wee hours in the morning….

Here are the details about the Craft Fair!!  Be sure to stop by!  We have lots of ideas for Christmas gifts with a great variety for everyone on your list!!



Giving Thanks


As mentioned last month, I LOVE FALL.  I especially love the Thanksgiving season cause it causes to take a moment to pause and remember the things in life for which we are truly grateful.  This year has brought LOTS of changes for me and my family… and through that, I am learning how thankful I am for my family.  Sometimes we seem to forget to look on those who are closest to us with eyes of gratitude…


So, this month, I have a daily reminder to GIVE THANKS!!  And, I need to remember that throughout the whole year…




Head on over to see what delights Anne and Cheryl have for you!