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A Blast from the Past


I have two quick things to show you today… First up:

Tin Of Cards!


This is a super cute little tin card organizer filled with dividers, cards, and envelopes!  This takes me back… I used to make these for craft fairs years back until I couldn’t find the tins anymore. And Stampin’ UP! brought them back!  They are in the catalog, so if you are a stamper and want to make your own, you can! And if you are not a stamper but still want to have this cute set…YOU CAN! They are available completely assembled at the Maui Stampers’ Craft Fair.  The tin comes with 16 cards and envies (4 each of 3 designs) and are Happy Hello, Happy Birthday, Thanks, and Congrats. Plus there is plenty of room for storing more cards. The dividers make it perfect to sort and find the card you need fast. This makes a most excellent gift.

The next thing I have to show you is a popular item… The Christmas Cookie Mix Jar.


This is fun for families. The cookie mix comes with all the dry ingredients and a recipe to make a most delicious batch of bar cookies. And it is FAST. And EASY (especially made for little helpers).  It’s also a perfect Christmas gift.


And, another secret… I keep this on hand for a quick dessert to take to last minute events. (And sometimes the event isn’t last minute…but I am). Grab one for you and one to give!

See you Saturday!


A Special Treat!


Hello!!  I have a special treat to share with you today.  Sandra Villoria is one of our vendors at the Maui Stampers’ Craft Fair.  She does FABULOUS bead work.  And, she shared some samples:


Look at those amazing pie servers.  Can you imagine serving your pumpkin pie with one of those??  It definitely adds to the festivity of the gathering.  And, a confession:  I bought one of these as a gift for someone…. and kept it.  (Don’t tell, ok???)  And, the key hooks are another amazing little doo-dad that makes life just so much easier:  It hangs on the side of your purse/bag so you always, ALWAYS can find your keys.  This would have saved my life a million times.  Well, perhaps not my life, but time.  Lots and lots of time…

And, she has some beautiful pens:


I just LOVE the snowmen!!!

So, come on down Saturday!!  9:00-1:00!!

maui stampers craft fair-001



It’s still Tuesday in Hawaii so I am not late  in my daily post…  I wanted to share what I think was my most favorite project this crafting season…


This was so much fun. I think because I got to use chalk paint. And wax. And aging wax. And a buffer that attaches to a drill.   I have it in red also:


I can’t decide which one I like better… 

They are on very sturdy round pieces of wood and have a picture hanger on back, if needed.  And, I only made 4… So… Hurry!!

And here is another fun little sewing project… Now,  there is something to understand about my sewing… I look for simple things with straight seams. And this qualifies. And it is super useful:


CORD KEEPERS!  And they are reversible! And wonderful to have around… For all the device cords. And they even work to bind several cords together-like behind the computer table…

Stop by Saturday to pick up these and other fabulous gifts!

Craft Show Count Down!


The Maui Stamper’s and Friend’s Craft show is THIS weekend!!  And, we are in the final countdown… So, I want to give you a bit of a preview of things you will see there!

First up:


Button Christmas Trees!  I just love these little trees and they were SO fun to make!!  I have just a limited number of these, so if you want to add this to your holiday decor, you should come early!!


These are a returning favorite from last year.  There are 2 nail polishes with a mini file wrapped up for fast and easy gift giving.  And, they are cuter than all-get-out… so snag a few for stocking stuffers or office mates… the list goes on…

And here are all the details about the event.  There will be multiple crafters, so come check it out!!

maui stampers craft fair-001

Happy Birthday Nana!!


Today is my Grandma Kitty’s 80th birthday.  80.  WOW.  That is an accomplishment.  I needed a VERY special birthday card to celebrate this momentous occasion. So, I decided it is time to tackle the CARD IN A BOX!!  image

Isn’t it exciting???!!!  You open up the envelope and out BURSTS a bouquet!!!!  A perfect way to send a long-distance Birthday!



The truth must be told about this card…  I went to a class that mauistamper and createswithcheryl had in late March of 2014.  (Yes, that is TWENTY FOURTEEN.  14.  as in a YEAR AND A HALF AGO).  Of course, I didn’t get my stuff made (I didn’t lead the class cause I was huge pregnant with the littles and didn’t wanna risk not being there… so I was a helper… ) but knew I wanted to make this card for my grandma.  As a mother’s day card.  Well.  You can see how that went down.  Littles came less than a week later and the parts and pieces have been on my stamp counter since.  Maybe it was divine intervention cause I got to use it for today. 🙂  All things work for good….


Anyway, I EASILY whipped up an envelope to fit this card in using the fabulous envelope punch board and you can see below how it folds flat to fit in the envelop.  The new tear tape is great for making envelopes.




So… There you go!!  Happy Birthday NANA KITTY!!!  We LOVE you!  You have been such an example of faithfulness, love, commitment and dedication to our family!  Wish we were there to help you celebrate!




Ahhhh…. November. Thanksgiving.  One of my favorite holidays.  I like it because it doesn’t have all the hustle that surrounds Christmas.  And it gives us a moment to pause, and count our blessings…image

This stamp set came with the Gratitude for Days Kit from last year’s occasion’s mini catalog.  So again, it is retired…


I hope you have a chance to rest and enjoy this month before all the busyness.  I seem to be overwhelmed with busyness as of late, and need this little reminder to be thankful…

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