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Cute Little Monster

Cute Little Monster

Being the mom of young children we get to celebrate lots of birthdays… our own, our friends… LOTS.  So, I thought this little birthday monster would be the perfect way to celebrate!


I LOVE HIM.  He just makes me happy with his one eye an goofy smile.  I made him from the Playful Pals stamp set.  Se his arms and legs?  Elephant trunk.  And it’s a perfect way to use washi.  Here I matched it with some washi I had… but you could totally use any color just to add pop.  The banners at the top are (sad to say) retired…but they’re a favorite of mine too…

Here’s the inside:


I love this card for the young ones.  It’s been perfect for birthday celebrations.  And, I’ve even used it for those who are young at heart!!  🙂

AND…  DRUMROLL….  I know you’ve been waiting all year with anticipation, but we are less than TWO WEEKS AWAY from the most awaited event of the year!!  THE MAUI STAMPERS’ AND FRIENDS CRAFT FAIR!!  It’s nearly here!! NOV 19!  Mark your calendar and be sure to come!


Stay tuned!  I will be featuring items that will be available this year!  (FYI:  Thhis monster card will be there!!!)


First Birthdays!


In Hawaii, a baby’s first birthday is a BIG deal.  It goes back to plantation days where infant mortality was high and if a child made it till his first birthday, it was likely to survive.  So, there was a big celebration.  Well, that tradition has lived on and is still celebrated today.  So, many of my card customers are looking for first birthday cards.  So!  I made some!


I LOVE this owl.  Made with the Playful Pals stamp set!  I love how he peeks out from behind the 1!  The nice thing about the photo-polymer stamp sets is that you can kind of ‘shape’ the stamps to be how you want.  So, I was able to add a little more ‘curve’ to the ‘look who’s turning’ to make it perfectly fit the circle punch out.


And of course, the numbers set is fabulous for these important ‘numbered’ birthdays. So, here’s to the first birthday and the wish for many, many more!


Endless Birthdays…


I’m always looking for nice birthday stamps. Cause as a card maker, birthday cards are probably my second most popular card…  so, when Endless Birthday Wishes came out, I immediately ordered it.  And. It just so happened I needed a card. Again, as a card maker, I live in this perpetual fear that I will give a card to someone and they are gonna think I just took it out of my box.  (I don’t know why that is bad… but it just seems that way.)  This birthday card was for a fellow stamper so I made it a point to make it with my new stamp set. Now I never promised it wouldn’t be a case (cause it is) but it was made “fresh”. And I think it was only a day late. Or two.  So here it is…



I LOVE this set. It is in the same style as the Endless Christmas Wishes set that came out last year (and sold out).  It is so easy to use and comes with loads of words. Both in type and scripty fonts.
And to keep my card in under the 2 day late deadline, it’s way simple. Couple stamps and some glorious washi tape. It makes putting a card together so easy…I wish I could remember where I cased it from. But I can’t. Sorry.

Of course, I needed a special envelope.



This was left over DSP from this year’s Sale-a-bration. I love making matching envies…

So there you have it. Endless Birthday Wishes. Item # 137553. $13.95. It’s a photopolymer set.  Better hurry though. They sold out of their supply once and had to reorder…

OH! I’ve been meaning to ask. As a perk for being a demo, I get to choose 4 stamp sets from the new catalog (I can tell you how you can earn loads of free stuff too if you wanna know).  I need suggestions. Post a comment with sets you might want to see. And I will see what I can do…