I learned how to do zippers!


So, this summer when I was back visiting the homeland, I had my mother and seamstress extraordinaire show me how to do zippers. I am  not really sure what I was afraid of, cause they really aren’t that bad.  Anyway, I decided to put my newly aquired skill to use and I made these:

Just little zipper pouch bags. I have a confession. I havent met a bag I didn’t like.  So I have no idea how I’m gonna be able to part with these…but… I have NO room to keep them… Anyway… Super cute and perfect to help organize a purse or diaper bag.

I also made these:

I kept seeing these cute little hand sanitizers done up as Santa-tizers but was wanting something more natural to use on my body (especially with all the banning of chemicals in the handsoaps…) So! I made my own!! The ingredients in these are all words I can pronounce. I am comfortable using these with my kiddos…and shoots. They are so cute. Makes a perfect little gift or stocking stuffer.

OK…stay tuned. More sneak peeks to come.  And see you Saturday!


About clkondo

I am a teacher, mother, wife, and LOVER of all things papercrafting. It's been my sanity (and sometimes insanity) for the past 10 years. I am an Independent Stampin' UP Demonstrator...which helps me pay for my passion...

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