Happy Birthday Nana!!


Today is my Grandma Kitty’s 80th birthday.  80.  WOW.  That is an accomplishment.  I needed a VERY special birthday card to celebrate this momentous occasion. So, I decided it is time to tackle the CARD IN A BOX!!  image

Isn’t it exciting???!!!  You open up the envelope and out BURSTS a bouquet!!!!  A perfect way to send a long-distance Birthday!



The truth must be told about this card…  I went to a class that mauistamper and createswithcheryl had in late March of 2014.  (Yes, that is TWENTY FOURTEEN.  14.  as in a YEAR AND A HALF AGO).  Of course, I didn’t get my stuff made (I didn’t lead the class cause I was huge pregnant with the littles and didn’t wanna risk not being there… so I was a helper… ) but knew I wanted to make this card for my grandma.  As a mother’s day card.  Well.  You can see how that went down.  Littles came less than a week later and the parts and pieces have been on my stamp counter since.  Maybe it was divine intervention cause I got to use it for today. 🙂  All things work for good….


Anyway, I EASILY whipped up an envelope to fit this card in using the fabulous envelope punch board and you can see below how it folds flat to fit in the envelop.  The new tear tape is great for making envelopes.




So… There you go!!  Happy Birthday NANA KITTY!!!  We LOVE you!  You have been such an example of faithfulness, love, commitment and dedication to our family!  Wish we were there to help you celebrate!



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  1. It is the most special card, I just love it. The only thing is you want to keep it forever. Hard to imagine being able to make this card. Really a keeper.

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