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A Special Treat!


Hello!!  I have a special treat to share with you today.  Sandra Villoria is one of our vendors at the Maui Stampers’ Craft Fair.  She does FABULOUS bead work.  And, she shared some samples:


Look at those amazing pie servers.  Can you imagine serving your pumpkin pie with one of those??  It definitely adds to the festivity of the gathering.  And, a confession:  I bought one of these as a gift for someone…. and kept it.  (Don’t tell, ok???)  And, the key hooks are another amazing little doo-dad that makes life just so much easier:  It hangs on the side of your purse/bag so you always, ALWAYS can find your keys.  This would have saved my life a million times.  Well, perhaps not my life, but time.  Lots and lots of time…

And, she has some beautiful pens:


I just LOVE the snowmen!!!

So, come on down Saturday!!  9:00-1:00!!

maui stampers craft fair-001




It’s still Tuesday in Hawaii so I am not late  in my daily post…  I wanted to share what I think was my most favorite project this crafting season…


This was so much fun. I think because I got to use chalk paint. And wax. And aging wax. And a buffer that attaches to a drill.   I have it in red also:


I can’t decide which one I like better… 

They are on very sturdy round pieces of wood and have a picture hanger on back, if needed.  And, I only made 4… So… Hurry!!

And here is another fun little sewing project… Now,  there is something to understand about my sewing… I look for simple things with straight seams. And this qualifies. And it is super useful:


CORD KEEPERS!  And they are reversible! And wonderful to have around… For all the device cords. And they even work to bind several cords together-like behind the computer table…

Stop by Saturday to pick up these and other fabulous gifts!

Write a note, make a note


Welcome back to the 2nd installment of my countdown to the Maui Stampers’ and Friends Christmas Craft Fair.  Today we have implements to write notes and make notes!!

First up is the little gift note bundle!  Little bags that have a set of 4 cards and a post-it and pen.  I love these little bags.  They are the perfect little gift.  It’s nice to have on hand, just when you need a little gift for someone.









I’m really in to burlap these days, so these bags were a perfect find when I was doing my yearly crafting stock-up shopping…


And these flowers are so cheery!!  Not that we have to worry about the winter blues here, but they are the perfect cure for those… It would be a good gift to send to the mainland right now…


And, these clipboards are the perfect place to keep your notes handy.  I have about 5.  I love them cause they hang perfectly on those command hooks just at arm’s reach for all your ‘I need to remember…’ jotting down..



imageAnd, you probably guessed, I don’t have too many of these either… so come early!!


See you Saturday!

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