A Special Treat!


Hello!!  I have a special treat to share with you today.  Sandra Villoria is one of our vendors at the Maui Stampers’ Craft Fair.  She does FABULOUS bead work.  And, she shared some samples:


Look at those amazing pie servers.  Can you imagine serving your pumpkin pie with one of those??  It definitely adds to the festivity of the gathering.  And, a confession:  I bought one of these as a gift for someone…. and kept it.  (Don’t tell, ok???)  And, the key hooks are another amazing little doo-dad that makes life just so much easier:  It hangs on the side of your purse/bag so you always, ALWAYS can find your keys.  This would have saved my life a million times.  Well, perhaps not my life, but time.  Lots and lots of time…

And, she has some beautiful pens:


I just LOVE the snowmen!!!

So, come on down Saturday!!  9:00-1:00!!

maui stampers craft fair-001


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