May Day is Lei Day



So, my title has NOTHING to do with my post, I just like saying it.  And, here in Hawaii, May Day being Lei Day means you get to give or wear a lei.  And, it’s a fun, and pretty thing to do.  A great tradition.  Know what else is a great tradition??  Mini Easel Calendars (How’s that for a segue…?)

For May, I used the Best Of Shelli stamp set.  It has this image that is one if my favorites. I like it cause it is a little smaller.  Sadly, the set is unavailable, but you could do something similar with the Daydream Medallions or any other stamp for that matter.  It’s a super simple stamp project, so the possibilities are endless.

I used the Crisp Cantaloupe paper in ink here…

May is a favorite month of mine.  As a teacher, the end of May can never come soon enough.  And, it symbolizes summer.  For me, that means a visit home and Sonic Cherry Cokes.  Wonderful.



You can go see what Anne and Cheryl are up to with their Mays.


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  1. Hi Crystal…are you at home with all your new additions? Hope all is going well. If you feel you are not ready for the 18th of May, let us know cuz we can always just place orders or whatever. Place take care of yourself and family… Take care, Jo Date: Thu, 1 May 2014 10:04:35 +0000 To:

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