April Showers…


Hello!!  And WELCOME to April!!

For those of you who get email updates of this, I apologize… when I was uploading the pics (I’m trying to get the rest of the year done…) I had a little brain snafu and forgot to fiddle with some of the settings.  SO… you may have gotten random calendar pages.  SORRY.  I have corrected the situation and you will get them on their appropriate month.

Anyway, April!!  And, here on Maui, I wonder if April is going to be as showery as March was…  We’ve been having lots of rain.  And, everything is so lush and green.  We are going to have a beautiful spring, so you should come on over.

This page of the calendar uses Mosaic Madness.  A super cute, on trend, little stamp set that you can do lots with.  And, it has the little stamps that you can choose to put inside the bigger ones, or not… which makes it very versatile.



And, here it is with the cover…  Fast and easy.



Why don’t you start your spring by heading on over to see what Anne (Maui Stamper) and Cheryl (Create with Cheryl) have made for for you with their calendars…


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