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May Day is Lei Day



So, my title has NOTHING to do with my post, I just like saying it.  And, here in Hawaii, May Day being Lei Day means you get to give or wear a lei.  And, it’s a fun, and pretty thing to do.  A great tradition.  Know what else is a great tradition??  Mini Easel Calendars (How’s that for a segue…?)

For May, I used the Best Of Shelli stamp set.  It has this image that is one if my favorites. I like it cause it is a little smaller.  Sadly, the set is unavailable, but you could do something similar with the Daydream Medallions or any other stamp for that matter.  It’s a super simple stamp project, so the possibilities are endless.

I used the Crisp Cantaloupe paper in ink here…

May is a favorite month of mine.  As a teacher, the end of May can never come soon enough.  And, it symbolizes summer.  For me, that means a visit home and Sonic Cherry Cokes.  Wonderful.



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