I love fall.  LOVE IT.  It’s a bit ironic that I live in a place where fall is, well, not fall.  (AND, it’s especially not fall so far this year cause we’ve had record setting warm temperatures…so incongruent with what the rest of the country seems to be doing…)  BUT… I will be soaking in the sunshine come January… 🙂

That’s neither here nor there…

Like I said, I love fall.  And one of my most FAVORITE things about fall is Candy Corn!  Love it.  Love eating it whole, AND layer by layer.  Now, I’m a Candy Corn purist.  And, the stuff that LOOKS like candy corn but comes out at Easter in the pastel colors.  Not. The. Same. Thing.

Anyway, I loved this little Candy Corn stamp…  and my watchful bats to keep people from stealing my candy corn…  🙂  Sorry, the set retired last year… but still fun.



I love changing the months to a new calendar page!  Even though I made them and know what is coming, it’s so fun to see the change!  Like a little surprise at the start of each month!!


Head on over to see what Anne and Cheryl have for you!




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