Convention 2013 Day 2


No… we didn’t warp ahead in time. I didn’t get a post done yesterday. (Shocker). I was TIRED. Got home from KS on Monday and left for UT on Tuesday. My body has NO IDEA where it is or what time zone it is in. But. Anyway….

Wanted to share with you some pics. Maui Stamper got us these fabulous glasses we have been wearing at all the sessions


Aren’t you jealous? They certainly draw attention. Sometimes we forget we are wearing them and as we walk by people they smile and laugh. It took me 2 days to realize they probably weren’t smiling in response to my sparkling personality.  However, I think it was those glasses and a good conversation we had with “Anne’s second Sara that scored us these :


We get to go on the am and meet with some steam set designers! Do you hear a chorus of nee-ner nee-ners in the distance?  Cause you should :).  I will let you know how it is….

I wanted to share another swap with you…  this one comes from guest stamper Bronwyn T. She is my down line and coworker. It took working with her for about 4 years but I convinced her to join the stampin frenzy.  I offered to my down line to send a few swaps with me and I would swap them on the floor. Here is her swap….


I absolutely love it. Love that new designer series paper. Love the design. Love it.

I also wanted to show you an INSANELY cute and… well, just plane insane project that one of the Artisan Design Team members did…. I do not have any idea how people come up with these things….


Also… we broke a Guinness Book of World Records yesterday for the most cards mailed from a single location at one time. Here is Anne and I posing by the mail truck. They needed one to take all the cards away…


Oh. And here is a picture of what greeted us when we arrived yesterday for the first opening session. Mind you, we arrived an hour early….


This is the line. :). Lots of fun!

OK. It’s time for bedy-bye. Gotta get up early! Nee-ner ….nee-ner…..


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  1. Soo jealous! Some year I will join you guys and schlep my own swaps! Tfs my card! Can’t wait to hear all the convention deets when you get back… To work!

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