Best of…Greeting!


As you read this, I’m winding down the convention madness. Which is sad cause I love convention madness. But this is a lovely little stamp set to help my hafta-go-home-and-join-the-real-world blues. Hum.

Anyway, this set brings back a little nostalgia cause that “you made my day” stamp….was in one of the very first SU! sets I bought. Back when you could choose foam mount or wood mount. I got foam mount cause I was cheap. Cause I was just outta college and no mo’ money.

Anyway, being that this super cute greeting set is, well, greetings and no images, I decided to pair it with Flower Shop. Cause it is a cute  set. Six flowers with a matching punch. (SU! is offering these as a bundle, so they are 15% off if you buy the bundle.)  The flowers are great cause they are all the same shape. They each just have a different feel depending on their style. So. I thought they’d go perfect with the greeting set to make a super cute little pack of 3×3 note cards. And. Just a tip. If you purchase the Flower Shop bundle (stamps and punch), I might suggest that you head over to Maui Stamper to look at her post at how to line up the stamps with the punch. The stamps aren’t symmetrical so they do take a little fussing to figure out how to stamp them so you can punch them.  Maui Stamper will show you how to mark them so it will be easy.

Anyway… here you go…


Again, excuse the improvising. Made these while I was in Kansas and didn’t have all my stamp supplies or photographing accoutrements. So these are very dark.  On a floral background.  Cause this is what my mom, Quilter Extraordinaire, had in the way of white fabric.  (???? a table cloth????)  (BTW… I have a new idea for a photo booth I am very excited about so hopefully pics will get even better.)


I think this is my favorite greeting stamp. Cause it reminds me of the good ole’ days….


Brown sugar flowers. Yeah, I know…strange. But it works. And wouldn’t this be nice tucked in as a surprise in your husband’s wallet or kid’s lunch?


Washi! My first time using it on a card. Love it! And the stamp inks and stamps on it beautifully.  And this thank you is a perfectly good all around thank you. You need it.


For a wedding gift…


Memory lane aside… this happy day image is the new addition to the set and I love it. So cute.


And who wouldn’t want a cheery note telling them they are in someone’s thoughts.

So. That’s my take on the best of greetings. I think it is a super easy to use, great universal set. And a steal at $14.95…

Now you are headed over to Deb Lehigh to see her vision for this awesomely versatile set…

blogtour-25years-next (1)

If that link doesn’t work, here are all the stops:


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