And the first swap is….


…the last one I finished. And with little time to spare. It’s 11:50 pm the day before convention and I just finished up my last swap.  But before we get started….let me refer you to the maui stamper for all the events of today including SWA pain progress photos.

This swap began with my oh so brilliant idea of trying to bribe people to go see my blog. So. I thought why not give them some Mac nut Hershey Kisses. Thus the idea was born for a mini cello bag with a couple of kisses, covered with burlap, a shabby-chic flower and a tag with my (our…Anne has some of these too) blog addresses. 

So… this probably should have been the first one I finished but it wasn’t. I was working on it at 2 different airports, on the plane, and at my hotel. See…

At the airport:


This is working at the hotel:


This is the finished product piles:


All pau. Hers and mine. 

Here are up close pics. Please be patient with the improvised photo booth…. two pillows on a card box…


I found about 6″ wide burlap so I cut pieces if it about 2″ long, wrapped it around a cello bag so the fold would be in bottom. Tied with a ribbon and embellished.  Here is a side view:


Single one


Here is a baby one along side a big one I made foe a gift for my up line….


So that’s that. I’m hoping to start swapping with them in just a few hours….

Okay. Goodnight. I’m tired. More to come from convention 2013 tomorrow…


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