And the winner is…


Well… Hello… I owe you the winning graduation memory photo keeper!  This mini scrapbook album is the one that was selected by the project graduation committee for the students to make…


My pictures didn’t come out all that great, but it’s supposed to be the graduation cap. And it opens…. first to this….


Then to this….


Here are closeups of the inside pages.



This is super simple to make. It’s 2 12×6 papers (scored at six”) connected on a 3″ square piece of paper (it’s white in these pictures so it may be hard to see.). This white paper is scored on the diagonals and once across the middle.  Crease the score marks well.  The corner of each of the pages will fit on a “triangle” on your white paper. And it all folds up nice and neat. Embellish however you like.  I used silver glimmer paper and gray. Just to keep it simple.  The kids loved making these. The hardest part about all this was staying up all night. I realized from this experience that I am older than my brain believes…   🙂  and I have no business pulling all nighters.  Thanks to my good friend, Glenda, for coming and keeping me company…and keeping me awake!


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