Graduation photo wallet


So… a while back I was approached by a project graduation committee (from a rival highschool…names have been changed to protect the innocent…namely ME for hobnobbing with the rival highschool) to create a little scrapbook memento that students could complete during the project grad party. I gave them a couple of samples to choose from. This is the one they did not choose…


This is the outside. It’s a little photo wallet with a belly band.

Here is another view to see how it opens:


Here are the insides


Each flap opens up with space to glue photos or have students sign. A simple easy little booklet.

I used the photo polymer stamps here and they are amazing. Haven’t played much with them but I do like them. Especially how well they cling to the block.

Stay tuned for the album they did choose.  I think you will like it.


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