Lookie what I made


So… there is this cake and cookie decorating store that offers cookie decorating classes and I’ve never had opportunity to take one till now. And… no… there aren’t any weddings I’m planning on… Isaac is not getting married… it just happens that the class that I could attend just happened to focus on weddings.  And this one focused on rolled fondant. And embossing fondant. Who knew you could do that in baking??!?  Anyway… here is what I made…


And here are the close ups…


This one… I actually freehanded the design cause I screwed up on the embossing… namely…it didn’t emboss so…

Here are the others…


Do you see the shimmer?  The best part of this class is I learned how to use something called luster dust and cookie glitter.  I don’t know where that had been all my life, but… HOW FUN!!  Of course I had to buy some…


Those swirlies were hard to do. We traced the embossed part with the icing bag… but I quickly learned my icing was too stiff and I’m not a fan of the #1 size tip. (Don’t know exactly what that means…. but don’t like it)

Here’s the last one:


The bottom of this cake was practice using a flower tip. I still need more practice. 

All in all… a fun class. But took 2 hours to frost 4 cookies.  I need more practice.  I learned there are many similarities to card making.  But, unlike card making…. you get to eat your mistakes!


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