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Morning session!


Wow.  Being here is an experience!  Lots of excitement and enthusiasm. I learned I am not as prolific of a stamper as I thought.  I pale in comparison…. but it’s not about comparing…

Anyway… wanted to share some pictures… this is what it looked likeeper whend we entered the contention center… all these ladies… waiting for the auditorium doors to open.  All swapping.  Anyone overhearing these conversations unfamiliar with this concept would think we are crazy (weeeeeelllll….)  all you here is … “wanna swap” or “you swapping”  and no other words. It’s funny.


And, I really likes this group. Teams (downlines) try to do something to make themselves recognizable to their other members… I liked this one in particular. I want a poster for my stamp room:


I have the WOW swap I am part of is today. Anne told me to sign up for this one because it is organized and has rules…. so yo uh make cometh g good and you are guaranteed to get it back… I’m a little nervous because the organizer must approve the card before I can participate.  Anyway, I made 120 of this:


And, it’s hard to see in the picture but that flower is a “closure” for the card. Nothing  fancy… the fronth is just cut shorter than the back and scalloped. Then the flower is glued down just on the exposed inside of the card thend the front tucks behind.  Hopefully this clarifies:


It’s fast, easy, and a way just o make something different.  With the exception of the enjoy word from the fabulous phrases stamp set, there is no stamping. Big shot embossing, punching… its an excellent way to use up scrap pieces of paper….  I will try to post more this evening… of the exciting wow swaps I get!!