A Little V-Day Decor

A Little V-Day Decor

I realized Valentine’s Day has come and gone, but I want to share a little of the decor I made for the house.  Actually, I made 13 of these…  sent to family on the mainland for Valentine’s!!  What a wonderful piece of HAPPY mail!


Even though I made it pink and hearts, I really tried to keep it from being TOO Valentine-y just cause I wanted people to be able to leave it up past the holiday.  Just cause it is very cheery…


Love the Blushing Bride Glimmer paper.  It’s fabulous.  I actually thought it would be too pink for my liking, but when it came, I was wonderfully surprised.  It seems to go well with everything.


I cut the banners out on the big shot… cut out the dsp and photos alike.  The big shot makes the easiest banners… (and many other things.)


Our little heart punch lines up very well with the Hearts TIEF… The glimmer cut outs glued in real well..  (oops, looks like one of my hearts is a little crooked…)

I had a very hard time getting pictures without glare…


One of my favorite card sites (for making digital cards) is Pear Tree Greetings.  I saw the idea of sending a Valentine’s Banner on their site.  But, it was about $3 EACH.  To order!  And, I figure, with this banner, I spent less than a dollar!  And, it came together in minutes!  You could modify for any occasion!


Ok.  Homework:  Go make some spring banners.  And send me some pics!!  I wanna see.  They are so much fun!!


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