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Life gives you lemons….


Make a card!  What else did you expect??!!

So, the story behind this is SU has just started their annual Sale-A-Bration promotion.  And, for every $50 you spend. you get a free stamp set….  WELL.  Every year, just before this comes around, one of my upline hosts a SAB swap.  And, I like to participate.  However, this year, I didn’t even get a chance to look at the stamp sets before I signed up for the swap because it was in the thick of Christmas Crafting (which for me, is from November until Dec 25 in the wee hours in the morning…)  So!  I just chose a set based on the name.  And, this set is called “A Happy Thing”.




Lemons for me are a very happy thing!  I have a lemon tree that I just LOVE.  Fresh lemonade is one of my favorites.  Along with lemon squares, lemon butter, Lemon brownies…  I have a whole pinterest board devoted to it.  This lemon was fun to color with our blendabilities (Stampin’ Up version of copics). markers… cause you can shade them… and you don’t get those UGLY marker lines, but get the saturation you want that you can’t get with pencils…  I’m learning the blendabilities.  And, cannot figure out where they’ve been all my life.  Coincidentally, you can choose some of the blendabilities sets as the free item for SAB as well…

Anyway, if you are interested in learning how to get some SAB sets of your own, contact me!!  It can be a happy thing for you too!



Happy New Year!! Happy New Blog!

Happy New Year!!  Happy New Blog!

Well.  Kind of.  Yes, this is Card-Ed.com  But, now it is Hanniejoy&Co.  I decided to change the name because 1. I was getting tired of card-ed.com cause it just seemed too limiting  2.  I chose card-ed cause I couldn’t think of any thing better at the time and 3.  I am ready for something fresh and new!

But, now, we have hanniejoy.  (she’s twin B of the pair, but, hanniejoyandsqueaks seemed too long, and then I didn’t want Isaac to feel bad, so we just decided to stick with the girl…) that way, the boys have each other.  And, Hannie is going to rule the planet at some point, so we might as well start things off right.  And, having a name like hanniejoy&co allows me to be able to explore more of the crafting realm besides just stamping.  Which I did anyway, but I always felt it didn’t make sense with my blog name.  So, you can still get here by going to http://www.card-ed.com OR by hanniejoyandco.com.

I digress…

Happy 2015!!

I’m excited to show you this year’s Easel Calendar!  I always have so much fun making these…  and we will do the same thing as we did last year… publish on the first of every month.  And, I will include links to Anne  and Cheryl so you can see what they are doing with their calendars as well!

Without further delay…Here is JANUARY!


I had so much fun with this one.  It is my first real attempt at using the blendabilities markers.  I’ve decided I love them.  (These are copic markers for those of you not accustomed to SU lingo).  This is the cherry cobbler set.  I like them because you can blend the colors and shade.   The flower is the ‘Blended Bloom’ flower  It’s a single image stamp set (only one stamp) but lots of fun to color…


I have a very few of these calendars left if you would like one. They are $10 for the refill and $15 for the calendar and easel (plus shipping if you are not on Maui) Or, if you would like the template to make your own, I have the PDF for $5.  Email me if you are interested in either…

Head on over to see what Anne and Cheryl have for you…

And, let me know what you think of the new look!