Stockings and Stuffers!


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!

And, if you need a little help, I have the perfect stockings for you.  I LOVE these stockings… they’re more along the lines of the long and skinny type, and have the perfect blend of rustic and elegant…  Burlap is so popular these days… I love the texture it adds to things.


My favorite are the rusted jingle bells.  But they DO jingle!  Cannot have bells that don’t jingle….

And, with your new stockings, you need something to put in them!  Here are a couple suggestions:  The mason jar water glass.  Now I know that EVERYONE  has jumped on the mason jar band wagon…  But here’s why these are special…  Stainless Steel Straws.  AND a little cozie.  This doesn’t block all the sweat, but does a lot.  And, I used pint and a half jars (20 oz) to make these instead of the usual quart size.  This means a little less drink but they aren’t as heavy AND they fit in cup holders (well, at least in my car… whereas the quarts won’t).  And, they’re already wrapped.  So no wrapping required on your part!


And the next stuffer is a little gift for the pedicure enthusiast… (I am a self-proclaimed pedicure enthusiast….so these are probably one of the most fun things I got to make).  It’s a little set to make those toes ready for the Christmas!  Two polishes and a little mini nail file to go with it!  These are perfect little gifts for co-workers, friends, teachers… I LOVE the tag:  “For your Mistle’toes’!!”



See you on Saturday!

craft fair 2014-001



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  1. Cute, cute, cute! Amazing what you get done in creative time during this “Littles” time of life! Looks like that new studio is inspiring!!

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