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Spreading More Joy.


To say I love this set would be an understatement.  I wanted to share a couple more cards I made with it. I think what I like about this set is that it is different. Different in how it looks AND different sentiments. It works when you need something that you don’t have the right sentiment to say. It’s a very encouraging set.

Here is the first one:


This is a little 3×3 that makes a super sweet card for a friend or significant other. I think it would be good for valentines. Or a nice card to slip in a lunch bag. Or hide in a wallet to be found when it is least expected.

Here is the second card:


I just love the “Be Brave” card. Cause it is serious in the sense that some people need this message. Dealing with life sometimes requires bravery. But, the image had a sense of whimsy as not to not be super serious…yet give appropriate concern for a situation. Its a perfect card and image combination.

Here are the cards together. 


These are super fast and easy xards to make.  You will be sure to make someone’s day! Stay tuned for more ideas with this set!