A sewing experiment


So.  I’ve been dabbling a bit in sewing.  And decided to make some burp rags.  Cause they are cute.  And fun.  And within my sewing expertise (which is a forward, straight line).  I have a sewing machine cause several years back my  mom got a new one and CARRIED ON THE AIRPLANE her old one to bring to me one time when she came to visit.  Nice mama.  I had to have that machine cause it’t the only one I know where the power button is.  And how to make it sew forward in a straight line.


Anyway, I saw this fabric in the store and just LOVED it and needed a project for it.  SO, I decided some burp cloths would be fun.  Cause it’s always nice to have a stash of things when you need a gift, and these are great baby gifts.  When my oldest was born, a good friend gave us about 15 burp cloths she sewed on like this… and we happened to be in the mainland at the time and my husband didn’t think we could fit it all in the luggage.  He wanted to leave some behind.  WELL.  I didn’t allow that , of course, and about a month after the baby came, he declared these were the BEST BABY GIFT we ever received.  My children spit up.  a lot.  Anyway…  If you need a baby gift, I have a stash… just let me know!!  You can leave a comment and I will get back to you.



About clkondo

I am a teacher, mother, wife, and LOVER of all things papercrafting. It's been my sanity (and sometimes insanity) for the past 10 years. I am an Independent Stampin' UP Demonstrator...which helps me pay for my passion...

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