I’m leaving on a (infant friendly) jet plane


So…  We just got back from our summer mainland extravaganza.  It was exciting.  But,  I was a bit nervous taking the Littles on their 2nd airline flight.  (Their first was only HNL to Maui and they were only 2.5 weeks old… I think they forgot. ) Anyway… I wanted to make a little gifty favor for our seat mates.  Just a little something to break the ice and to get them to think the Littles were more cute than screaming airplane passengers.  So…  Here it is:

I used those awesome chevron printed bags and filled them with Blondie Bites and ear plugs.  Decorated them with one of my favorite sets: Zoo babies…   I wrote a little rhyme and signed them from Zeke and Hannah. 

Fresh baked cookies on a red eye help tremendously.  And there was a group of passengers that sat next to us on our connecting flight as well.   Those poor people…  
Anyway,  the Littles did very well.  Despite some major weather delays.  And I have to mention the wonderful flight attendants on American Airlines.  They were a tremendous help.  They went way above their job description to help us.  Service like that makes traveling so much more bearable.


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  1. I just have to say this is the most creative, thoughtful and hilarious idea for a mom traveling with potentially crying children. Brilliant idea!


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