Last minute Christmas treats


I had to share these darling little envelope bags. A friend of mine gave this as a favor at our club Christmas party… Alice is truly talented…

It was made from an envelope.

I needed a quick project so this is what I made…  (truthfully, was gonna copy hers but the cutting was too detailed for me for as fast as I needed it to be.  Alice is a master.)


You seal the envelope.Then score 1″ from the edge on 3 edges…


On the edge that isn’t scored, you cut it off so it is open.  Since I stamped directly on mine I stamped it while it was still flat. Now since this was my first attempt, I realized I should have masked off the edge…  oh well.  This is the Snow Day stamp set. I love it.

Then you fold it up…

Basically this consists of making the innie folds into outie folds…  and then glue the little triangles down.

I scalloped the edge of the bag with the scallop punch and used some of the silver ribbon to tie it closed…


You can fillnit with anything. Its good for those last minute cash gifts that you need something cute to put the money in…  Thanks, Alice for the inspiration…


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