A Little Christmas Bling

A Little Christmas Bling

So, if you are like me, you always wait till the last minute to remember to WRAP the Christmas gifts.  And, I must confess…. for Isaac’s first Christmas, I thought I was brilliant in hiding his gifts in his closet (cause he could’t see the top) and totally forgot to get them out before he went to sleep on Christmas Eve.  Not one of my better mothering moments.  But, thankfully, as it was his first Christmas, it took him like 2 weeks to open all his gifts.  Just cause it was overwhelming.  But anyway…

I digress…  I was talking about waiting till the last minute.  And, when you wait till the last minute, you get the gift wrapped, and suddenly remember you need a TAG to go with the brilliantly wrapped gift.  And, that daunting task becomes overwhelming so you settle for those free stick-on to/from tags that the credit card company sends you and there you go.  Except such a wonderful gift with exquisite wrapping should not be degraded by a free to/from sticker.

Enter:  Very Merry Tags.

This set is the end-all of Christmas Tag sets.  The images all have a coordinating punch.  SO, you can make just fast, simple tags with that.  OR, you can step it up a bit more and add some bling.  Now, I must confess, what I’m getting ready to show you took all of 10 minutes to make.  Seriously.  They were that simple.


I wanted to make a little set of 3×3 cards.  I’ve been fascinated by 3×3 cards lately…  But these are perfect to stick on top of a gift.  And, the glimmer paper makes the tag worthy of a gloriously wrapped package.  And, truth be told, you can give so-so gifts in brilliant packages and everyone will think you are fantabulous.  And, yes.  That is a word.  (For proof, just watch which gifts seem to go first at your next white elephant gift exchange… the beautifully packaged…)


I love the mistletoe stamp.  And, I originally made the berries red, until I think I remembered that they were white.  Thank goodness we have both red and ‘sparkle’ dazzling details.  (I’m pretty sure they’re white… I know I coulda solved this with a quick google search, but I was on a roll…)  And, did you know mistletoe is the state flower for Oklahoma??  Oh the stuff you can learn on this blog…


Why use a simple check mark for the nice box when a DIAMOND will do??



I think the Bah Hum Bug is my favorite stamp in the WHOLE set.  Probably because my favorite Christmas T-shirt is one with the grinch.  It’s FUN.  (and my t-shirt has glitter on it TOO–cause Christmas is just. s0. glittery.)



Here is the WHOLE set.  And, you can make fascinating little envies with the punch board for these too.  Or, you can just stick them on top of the package without an envelope…cause they are beautiful all by themselves.  And, it will be glorious.  And only take you seconds to put together.  Score for Very Merry Tags.

You are off to your next stop!!  Thanks for stopping by!



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