Celebrate World Card-Making Day!!


So, I really wanted to call this post Spread the Joy Part 3… (you aren’t sick of this set, are you…. cause I”m not…).  But, this will be the LAST in the set installment.  I promise.  But, I thought it was a glorious set to use to celebrate World Card-Making Day.  I hope you have a moment to set aside to Spread Some JOY.  Make a card.  Send it to someone who least expects it.  That is the whole point of World Card-Making Day.  The joy.  Joy the one has creating it.  And, Joy the recipient has getting the card.

And, that is kind of the reason I got started in card making, craft show selling, and general craft merriment.  Cause I have a WONDERFUL time doing it.  And, it makes me feel happy to know someone else will be blessed by it.

So…  without further adieu…  here is the rest of Spread the Joy:



I decided to split the entire set between 3×6 cards and 3×3 cards.  And, the designs are super simple which leads to simple, easy, but striking cards.  For this set, I put the 3×6 card on it’s side… just a different take…



It’s fun.  And, basically uses just scraps of paper.  Super fast.  Perfect for making on World Card-Making Day.

Here’s another 3×3:



By far, the fastest card in the lot.  Super simple. Easy.  Rhinestones add such detail.  This is another good card to give to a friend who needs a bit of encouragement.  Sometimes when making decisions, we need to ‘throw caution to the wind’ and follow our dreams.

And, probably the stamp that stuck out to me the moment I laid eyes on the set:  The piece of toast.



I can honestly say that I don’t think I’ve ever seen a stamp that was a piece of toast.  And, I think it may be awhile before I see another.  So, realizing this opportunity may come but once in a lifetime, I HAD to jump on it.  And, own a piece of toast stamp.  And, not just any toast…one that spreads joy.  JUST LOVE IT.  (you can own it too, if you want…  visit my online store)

Here is the ENTIRE set of stamps, made into cards:



Wouldn’t’ you love getting this set of cards as a special gift on World Card-Making Day??  Cause what is making a card without giving one…?




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  1. Love it! And who better to counsel others to throw caution to the wind? I heard it’s pretty dog-gone windy in Waikapu…


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