A Banner Building we will go


So…  I must admit.  When I walk into a retail establishment before Halloween and I see Christmas merchandise, I usually groan (and this year, I saw some around the 4th of July…)  And, so I know, people must be groaning…  BUT.  CHRISTMAS IS COMING, PEOPLE.  And, it’s always faster than we are ready for.  With that in mind, I had to get going on some of my Christmas projects.  And, this project is a fun one.  And, to my credit, I’ve included Thanksgiving.  Which isn’t that far away…

This is the Build A Banner kit that is featured in the Holiday Catalog:  But, I’ve taken it and turned it into a custom Thanksgiving and Christmas Banner.  The banner is amazing.  You get 18 banner pieces which are made out of the canvas that SU sells.  They have the retired jumbo eyelets (of which, I have a stash that I fiercely guard)  And, when you buy the starter set, you get all the stencils.  You can buy a refill of banner pieces as well.  I have a list of about 60 things I wanna make banners for…but these two got first dibs…

Here is the Thanksgiving One:



And the Christmas one:



So, I’m not going to go into too many details of how to make them because you can come to a class and get to make one or both of them FOR YOUR VERY OWN!!  I will have all the supplies, so all you need to do is come!

Friday Night September 27 at 6:30 or Saturday Morning at 9:00.  You can choose to make one or both banners.  They are $20 (for either one) or $35 if  you choose to make both banners.  RSVP to me if you are interested in joining the class.  Specify the date you prefer and the banner you’d like to make.  I need your RSVP by September 17.  (I need a minimum of 4 people in each time slot to run the class…)

In order to take the pictures, I wasn’t able to put them up on the string… but the kit will come with the twine that you string them on and hang them with.

Anyway, I’ll be sure to have Christmas music blaring.  So you can get ready for Christmas.  In September.


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I am a teacher, mother, wife, and LOVER of all things papercrafting. It's been my sanity (and sometimes insanity) for the past 10 years. I am an Independent Stampin' UP Demonstrator...which helps me pay for my passion...

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