Making Cards The OLD FASHIONED* Way


*Without a Big Shot.

Due to ill-fated planning, I at the moment do not have a big shot at my disposal.  And, it’s because I did not think ahead and waited to make this card till the last minuted, yada yada… YEAH, I KNOW.  BUT…  I’m whining to my mom cause I don’t a have a big shot and she tells me to make a card the old fashioned way.  SERIOUSLY.  HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE.  She’s a quilter.  That’s like telling her to quilt without a NEEDLE.  (either hand or machine…).  Still.  Can’t let the druthers get the best of us… so here ya go…

A card made the OLD FASHIONED WAY (snort.)  Welcome to this installment of the Stamp of the Month Blog Tour.


This set is the ‘set of the month’ for this Blog Tour:  Mosaic Madness.  And, it has a gorgeous embossing folder that matches, but, ahem.  This is being made the old fashioned way.  Maybe that should be a challenge… what can you make without a big shot???  (as you can see, I’ve come quite attached to mine.

Anyway, enough whining… about this card…

To say I like the new color, Baked Brown Sugar, would be an UNDERSTATEMENT.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE it.  (and, if you know Isaac, you would know if you repeat the word three times, it’s the equivalent of infinity).

I kinda wanted to do something a little different than what I was seeing on pinterest and other places (they used LOTS of the embossing folder, so maybe it is good I couldn’t).  And,  I flipped the mosaic punch on it’s side.  Just for a different feel.   (okay, I didn’t literally flip the punch, it’s just sideways and normally you see it up and down)  And, I love the long stamps included in this set.  They make super nice borders.  And, they’re designed as such as that they can be continuous (which, I would HIGHLY recommend the Stamp-a-ma-jig for lining them up.)  Or, if you do a card like mine, you make the seam in the punch out and as long as you are close, It’s All GOOD.



So, I also added a bit of the strawberry slush and daffodil delight inks.  And, wouldn’t it be nice if SU had a punch FOR EVERY SHAPE THEY HAD (there isn’t a craft room big enough on this planet… but it’d be NICE).  So, I had to cut the little medallions out by hand.  Not bad, they’re easy.  And, remember, we are doing this the old fashioned way.




Here’s a closer look at the detail.  The top vanilla panel was cut 1/8″ shorter in each direction just to give a small frame.  I stamped and punched the top panel. I stamped the strawberry slush stamp THROUGH the punched out hole.  Then added the two small stamps with dimensional.   And, of course, a diamond. I added several dimensionals on the back of the top panel just so it would create a space for the cut-out section to stand out.

Hope you enjoyed a card made the OLD FASHIONED way.  (i.e. WBS…. without big shot).  Hopefully, next time we will be all back on track and without any hiccups in the whole card-making and mojo flowing, designing business.

You are off to see Deb Leigh and what she has for you!!  Enjoy the tour!!  To get to Deb you can click on the graphic below or use the links provided in the list.





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  1. Well, like Isaac I LOVE LOVE LOVE this to infinity. Or infinity plus one. Turning the punch sideways is brilliant. And it is possible to make things without a Big Shot. Really.

    You should be at home and then this would not have been a problem.

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  3. I really like your card done the “old fashioned” way. It is refreshing and a nice change! I say you ought to do more of these!

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