How to you give a handmade card to a stamper extraordinaire?


It’s a daunting task…. I tell ya… my friend, themauistamper, had a birthday. And so… I needed a card. But. Not just any card. Had to be a good one. Couldn’t just be out of the ol’ card box. And I’m not saying that she wouldn’t appreciate whatever I sent… she’s not like that. But as a friend and fellow stamper… I needed something nice.  Now… my sister asked me once… that why to my family I often send store bought cards (gasp….I know) but then she answered her own question… “oh, cause store bought cards tells me I really matter… cause you didn’t just get it out of your box… you had to put effort into getting it.”  Yeah. We go with that. And now I’m paranoid that everyone thinks that when I send them a card.  But oh well…And, for my family,  I’m usually looking for something really funny…which I’ve not mastered. Anyway. Store-bought wouldn’t work for mauistamper… CAUSE SHE IS A STAMPER. I really procrastinated on this cause I didn’t know what to do…. but, pinterest saved the day again… and this is what I came up with…


The original idea was the normal card size (4.25×5.5) but I wanted to be different. So I did square.  I like it when the card stands out in the mail. And, of course…. I wanted to make the envelope so it’d be really special. I’m sure the USPS isn’t  all that excited about my special cards (square cards require extra postage…and you should use a white label on dark dsp so the address could be clearly read)… but some times special people call for special circumstances. And with all thanks to the USPS for humoring me… (and it is still the best purchasing value…. if I wanted…I could send a card to my family…which is about 5000 miles… for only 48¢. I sure can’t get there for that…)  anyway…  here is another view…


And for a super special person… I decided to go crazy with rhinestones… who doesn’t like diamonds??  I used summer starfruit and raspberry ripple for the colors…and my favorite, the tasteful trim die to make the scallop border…


So… that’s it. Thats what I got for mauistamper extraordinaire.


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