Wedding Favors


Tis the season for weddings. I was asked by a co-worker to design a box for a friend of hers who is coming to Maui to get married.  She is gonna have mochi as her favors.  A brief aside for our non-local readers.  Mochi is a Japanese dessert made with mochi flour.  Which is made from a sweet rice.  A taste, which,  no offense to my local friends,  I have not been able to aquire.  Just not sweet enough.  I have a sweet tooth that will rival Willy Wonka’s.  Anyway… That isn’t to discount the favors.  The mochi used is famous on this island.  And maybe… The longer I live here… I will aquire it.  That has happened with many other delicacies.

I digress.  The box.  Here it is…


I made the box on the simply scored.  Super easy.  I embossed it with the elegant lines embossing folder and spritzed it with sparkle juice (the concoction made with alcohol and champagne shimmer paint).  The bow is made with 3/4inch wide strips of paper glued into the paper chain loop and then gluedotted together in the center.  Different lengths of paper give you the different sizes in thr bow.   I covered the center with the vintage facated button and a rhinestone!!  

Here’s a side view:


I used the scalop boarder punch do put some detailing on the top of the box so it would show up against the bottom of the box.  


Whatcha think? I think…. Why limit this to favors!! Since you can make boxes of all sizes on our simply scored… Its perfect for packages for jewelry…. Money…. Gift cards…. Bath and body hand sanatizers…   Anything.   I love it when one thing has many uses….

Don’t. Know if the bride will choose it,  but I sure had fun making it…


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  1. Wow Crystal…really elegant and nice. As for Kelly, we are going with your idea of the paper flower made with the small scalloped punch to top the small jam/jelly jars with the small tag. thanks for your everlasting creative ideas. Saw you and Anne’s ad in the wedding insert!!!

    Oh yes and for this Sunday, can I bring Winona, June Nouchi and 1 of her working friends?

    Thanks, Jo

    Date: Mon, 11 Mar 2013 23:57:31 +0000 To:

  2. Beautiful – love the purpose and the sparkle! Looks like you used our silver paper for the bow…very sophisticated!

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