Giving a Gift (Card??)


Perhaps the most popular gifts now-a-days are gift cards. I remember last Christmas the most stolen gift at our gift exchange was an amazon gift card. It went through the hands of all 20 something people in attendance.  And nearly caused a few, hum…, holiday rumbles?? (These are the things memories are made of.)

But, the trouble with the gift card, while perhaps being the perfect gift, is that it is… boring.  WELL.  Not on my watch.  No way.  Give your gift card in style…  with these super cool, super cute gift card holders. 


Aren’t they cute?  The Santa card lifts to reveal a place to tuck a gift card inside.  The reindeer is a pull-out.  These are great items to have on hand for those last minute gifts that you need wrapped in a jiffy.  Stop by the Maui Stampers Craft Fair on Sunday (9:00-2:00) 190 W. Kamehameha Ave.  You will be able to get a handfull of these for all your gifts (cards).


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