I am waiting for mds projects to upload. Photobooks take a while…

So… I wanted to show you a couple more things from this August stamp club…  first of all, we had a visitor!  Jane came all the way from Canada to come to our club.  Well… not really. She came here on vacation and it happened to coincide with club. She and here husband were celebrating their 40th anniversary. Incredible.


She was the 2nd demonstrator in all of Canada!  This past convention, SU! celebrated 10 years in Canada. Pretty neat. We had a good time with Jane. Its always fun to get together with other demos. We can share lots of tips and tricks.

I wanted to show you the other projects we made in club.  The first one  was homeage
to the homeland:


The state flower for KS is the sunflower.  And I think it’s my favorite flower too.  So cheerful. I love them so much I have several photos from our sunflower quest on the wall in my living room (sunflower quest: driving around the state of KS till you find some fields… and it’s sunflowers for as far as the eyes could see)

The second one is capitalizing on a “super-fad”.  Well, it’s a superfad in the mainland… so I give it 3 years till it gets to Maui. So… by posting it now, I can say I was ahead of the times. Which never happens…


The keep calm phrase. It’s everywhere.  But fun. I love this hostess set!! 

Well..  I should get back to uploading… can’t wait until my new mds projects come!!


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    • Me too Anne (where the Maui connection began)!
      But you had a very important “launching” to be part of; and we all know mothering trumps stamping in at least these BIG moments in life, and , well, it just does!! Catch you next time my friends…..

  1. Thanks Crystal , for an amazing afternoon with you and your also very welcoming ladies! Gotta love SU opportunities to make new friends and get a stampin’ fix wherever you go on “vacation” 😉 and you DO want to see Crystals business card – “Carded by Crystal” – how clever! She’s inspired me to try MDs again; MDS2 that is!

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