Thursday part 2


Wow!  One thing I failed to mention this morning at our general sessions was how electric it was. When we got into the main stage area, I think EVERY employee of SU! was there to greet us with applause, hi-fives, cheers… very exciting tired be welcomed in such an enthusiastic way.

I ha’ve lots more to share… and will…. but as you can see it is now Friday when I am posting this… so clearly I didn’t get it finished…. stay tuned…

We had some great sessions with different presenters. Jason Ryan Dorsey and Emily Montoya both stressed the importance of social media (I am reaching out). So… after many years of no facebook…. I am now on. So… friend me if you wish!! This is all very new to me so be patient…. 🙂  but hey, both my mom and grandma are on facebook before me… so, as Anne would say, I finally put on my big girl panties.

As I said earlier… I would share a couple of swaps I received from the wow swap. Very interesting experience…
Here is one:


It’s made worth the new comfort cafe paper and the quint-essential flower. This flower is AWESOME. It is only 1 stamp for $8.95 and every layer fits a punch we have. So it’s like having 6 stamps at once.


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