I Am…. HERE!


So. After 9 years and 4 time zones in the past 5 days… I finally made it to contention.  And I’m a bit nutty from all the lack of sleep so I apologize if I sound incoherent.

Anyway, we got in yesterday around noonish but since the hotel wasn’t ready, Anne and I decided to shop. And it was a blast.

Today was the first official start day of convention…. but kind of a “slow” start. Not slow in that we didn’t have stuff to do… but slow in that there wasn’t scheduled class sessions…. except we decided to schedule our make and takes all in one fell swoop….  then we had the I Am Inspired (this year’s theme is I Am….)

It’s unbelievable, the atmosphere in this place. And I thought I was a die-hard…  mot even close.  Anyway, general swapping can happen anywhere and everywhere so you gotta be prepared.  Here is what I brought for general swapping….






I am too tired to list product right now so if you have a question just email me.  I want to show a picture of the I am inspired project too… it’s a super cute pinboard that has 3 different interchangeable displays. They gave US a perpetual… (okay… we gotta break…. I’m typing this post on my phone as Anne is giving me a running dialog of how she is trying to upload photos from her camera… it is hilarious…and when I start laughing she changes her voice to a whisper and it gradually gets louder until I start laughing again…)  okay what was I saying… oh… perpetual calendar. Though it would be great just as a picture board….  here it is….


I will try to get better pictures of my make and takes but the lighting in our room is terrible. Or… come to my open house July 28 and you can see it in person!!

Check out Anne’s blog for more pictures. She’s better at all that than me. And she’s uploading from a computer and not a phone…. 

Okay… tomorrow is the WOW swap and awards night!!  I will keep you posted!!


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