Cascading Card


Okay…. Here is the 2nd of the cards my April clubs are making:

So…. The ladies in my club are good to me.  They all had smiles the ENTIRE time they were working on this project.  (though I suspect they were muttering under my breath every time I stepped away…nah, kidding)  But, I think everyone would agree, that the card isn’t exceptionally difficult, just time consuming.  We used every punch imaginable, several dies, rhinestones, and a variety of papers to create this beauty.  And the I cannot praise enough the powers of the ‘Tombow Multipurpose Adhesive’.  I really wish I had the sense to take pictures of the ones that everyone else made.  The nature of this card allows for each person’s own creativity to show.  Everyone’s card was unique and gorgeous!!  Though my original plan was this to be a mother’s day card, it is the PERFECT card to send in spring….and amazingly cheerful.  The construction of the card allows it to be a free standing picture of spring, that can be placed on your desk!  How wonderful!!  (And, head’s up….BHS Club… you’re next!!)


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