Smoocho Flipbook-o


So, a few people ordered ‘kits’ from our Smooch Extravaganza, and while the cards are pretty self-explanatory, the flipbook, though easy, is not.  I promised those people I would put some detailed pictures on here so they could see how to put it together…

First of all, here is a picture of the book:

You will notice that the green cover of the book doesn’t touch in the center.  That is why the red and turquoise panels are added… to make it actually close all the way.

The book itself is constructed of 3  12×5 3/4 pieces, scored, and glued end to end… Then, the center panel is adhered to the center of the green cover:

Here, you can see the three panels opened end to end… The two outside ends were made with DSP and the center is made with the RETIRING textured cardstock.  You can’t see the green so much there, but it is underneath all that…

This next picture is the first page, with the flap open, just so you could see what is on the side that is supposed to be folded back…

For those of you with kits, you won’t have all the same stamps (especially the words) but you can substitute whatever.  This is so you can personalize and make it work for what you need it to.  The yellow dots inside the red flowers…  yellow circle bits.  Extremely detailed, so you don’t have to if you get your fingers glued together (which I do…Anne made this one for me—I just gave up my secret).

This is the inside of the first of the 3 large pages:

I think Anne included two LONG tangerine panels in the kits.  You can cut it into 2 pieces to make the two panels on the right side.  She wanted you to have the options.  We are all about options.

This is the 2nd of the 3 long pages (center page):

The white panel folds out.  Decorate however you want (something small in the corner of each page, like on front) just make sure the fold is on the left and the open is on the right.

Here is the third of the 3 pages:

There is the LONG tangerine panel… again, can be split into 2 pieces if you want.  the middle is for a cd holder.  The oval half shape is free handed (we found something to trace).  Could use a punch or whatever.  I thought Anne was very clever in designing this with a CD holder… This way, you highlight the really special pictures and memories in the flip book, and put the 200 other pictures on a disk, and store it all together!!  Very ingenious!!

And, here is the BACK of the LAST of the page:

Easy PEASY!!

Anne did such a brilliant JOB of getting this all together!!  Sorry, though, there aren’t any more flip book kits left.  But, I do have 2 more kits for the cards we made in the first class (see previous posts).  If you want one, let me know (and fast) before they are gone!!

And, if you wanna get your hands on some of that retiring textured cardstock…hurry over to my online store!!  It’s only available while supplies last…


WHEW…. that was a lot… Hope you enjoyed these books.  They seem complicated, but they really aren’t.  And, they would BE A GREAT GIFT (with photos, of course) for Mother’s Day.  AND, they would be a great project to celebrate National Scrapbooking DAY!!




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