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Best of…Greeting!


As you read this, I’m winding down the convention madness. Which is sad cause I love convention madness. But this is a lovely little stamp set to help my hafta-go-home-and-join-the-real-world blues. Hum.

Anyway, this set brings back a little nostalgia cause that “you made my day” stamp….was in one of the very first SU! sets I bought. Back when you could choose foam mount or wood mount. I got foam mount cause I was cheap. Cause I was just outta college and no mo’ money.

Anyway, being that this super cute greeting set is, well, greetings and no images, I decided to pair it with Flower Shop. Cause it is a cute  set. Six flowers with a matching punch. (SU! is offering these as a bundle, so they are 15% off if you buy the bundle.)  The flowers are great cause they are all the same shape. They each just have a different feel depending on their style. So. I thought they’d go perfect with the greeting set to make a super cute little pack of 3×3 note cards. And. Just a tip. If you purchase the Flower Shop bundle (stamps and punch), I might suggest that you head over to Maui Stamper to look at her post at how to line up the stamps with the punch. The stamps aren’t symmetrical so they do take a little fussing to figure out how to stamp them so you can punch them.  Maui Stamper will show you how to mark them so it will be easy.

Anyway… here you go…


Again, excuse the improvising. Made these while I was in Kansas and didn’t have all my stamp supplies or photographing accoutrements. So these are very dark.  On a floral background.  Cause this is what my mom, Quilter Extraordinaire, had in the way of white fabric.  (???? a table cloth????)  (BTW… I have a new idea for a photo booth I am very excited about so hopefully pics will get even better.)


I think this is my favorite greeting stamp. Cause it reminds me of the good ole’ days….


Brown sugar flowers. Yeah, I know…strange. But it works. And wouldn’t this be nice tucked in as a surprise in your husband’s wallet or kid’s lunch?


Washi! My first time using it on a card. Love it! And the stamp inks and stamps on it beautifully.  And this thank you is a perfectly good all around thank you. You need it.


For a wedding gift…


Memory lane aside… this happy day image is the new addition to the set and I love it. So cute.


And who wouldn’t want a cheery note telling them they are in someone’s thoughts.

So. That’s my take on the best of greetings. I think it is a super easy to use, great universal set. And a steal at $14.95…

Now you are headed over to Deb Lehigh to see her vision for this awesomely versatile set…

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If that link doesn’t work, here are all the stops:

For the Newlywed…


Welcome Back!!  This is the next installment of the BEST OF… Blog tour.  This month features a cute set called “Brides and Babies”.

For this month, I decided to make a little gift card holder that you might give a newly-wed couple for their wedding.  It easily could be turned into a baby gift card holder using the other stamps in this set.  This idea and set are VERY USEFUL (to quote my son’s THOMAS books…).  And, if you would like my 2 cents (if you would not like it, skip the next coupla lines)  I’ve decided gift cards are good for newlyweds or newly parents.  Cause it all costs money…  🙂

ANYWAY…. back to the card…  Gift card holder.  Well… as much as I’d love to take credit for this, I must tell you that my friend, and fellow Maui Stamper, Cheryl Hamilton made me a little holder like this with a tea bag in it.  After my back surgery…  She had a completely different design, but the overall folder was the same.  You should check her out sometime (

Here it is:


So, the colors I used in this were the Smokey Slate (It’s a new one and I absolutely Love it), Basic Gray, and Blushing Bride (hee hee….get it… BRIDE???).  I used the white taffeta ribbon and a squish of the dazzling details glitter paint.  And, I thought this would be the perfect place to use one of those ROWS of the rhinestones.  Cause what do you do with those??  I always use my whole sheet up and have those 3 strips left.  I then wind up cutting them apart and using them all as singles.  I can’t remember EVER using a whole strip.  But, I did.  This time…

And here is the inside:


That little pennant stamp comes from one of the new Hostess Sets (Banner Greetings).  SUPER cute.  Many Uses.  Anyway…

I cut the paper at 4.25 x 9 and scored at 3″ and 6″ down the 9″ side.  Then I cut the corner off…. maybe this makes sense:


Can you kinda faintly see the score marks?

Here is how to cut…  Line a score mark up on the top part of the cutting surface of  your trimmer and the corner of the paper on the bottom of the cutting surface of your trimmer.


Here is it cut apart…


Fold on the score line.  Add adhesive on the bottom, straight edge of the paper and that makes the pocket when it is folded over.  If you want any trim work on the edge, you should add that before you glue the pocket down.  (I added that scallop trim border punch–but the edgelits we have would look fantastic too).

The size of this whole folder is predicated upon what you wanna put in side.  The tea bag folder I received wasn’t quite so tall.  I could see this made for a PAPER gift certificate (you know, those long ones that might fit in a #10 envelope).  The possibilities are endless.  A bag of tea is nice, you could make super tiny ones for like one of those individually wrapped life-saver things… pack of gum (You’d need to make a gusset on the pocket, but that’s only an additional score line…)

After you decorate it up, you have a super easy, fast little gift card.  And, it’s packaged SO nicely (cause, let’s face it, though gift cards are great gifts, they are BORING to give…)

Oh, I also used the shimmer white paper for the front.  It’s extremely subtle, and the pictures don’t really capture it’s elegance…  but it’s beautiful.  And, perfect for such an occasions…


It kinda just comes off in this photo as shine, but it is very pretty… a little sparkly but not at all over-powering… I love this paper for  holidays and special occasions.

One last look…


Well, I hope you enjoyed this post… next you are off to see what Deb Leigh has for you!!  Click the box below or use the list if the link isn’t working like it should…

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BEST of Butterflies


Welcome BACK!!  For the next installment of the Best-OF tour.

Best of Butterflies.  And, I gotta say, it’s the BEST OF.  There are so many nice butterflies in this set it’s unbelievable…  And, I am now kicking myself now cause I had lots of things I wanted to show you with that I’ve made previously…  but, due to my compulsiveness to not keep things after they retire, I no longer have the samples.  But, the take away from this is that you need the stamps.  Cause they are great.

When I first saw these butterflies, I was instantly drawn to the Monarch one…  And, thinking it needed to be bold.  And stand out.  So, this is what I came up with:

20130517_202432 - Copy


I love square cards.  Now, I now they cost more to mail… yada yada….  BUT… WOULDN’T YOU LOVE GETTING THIS IN THE MAIL??  WITH THE ORANGE (correction, tangerine tango) POLKADOT ENVELOPE???  It would make my WEEK.

Since we are nearing the end of this current catalog, I figured it should be a tribute to more things retiring…  like the Scallop Square die (Can you see it, behind the basic gray square panel, layered on a solid black… it’s the whole tone-on-tone thing…)  The Designer Series Paper Stacks (used for the tangerine envelope AND for the basic gray background on the card).  AND, I used the retiring square punches, the 1 1/4″ and the 1 3/8″ punches.  Now, I know you are thinking that squares are easy to CUT.  but, they are even easier to PUNCH.  And, you need them to make an envelope (well, it makes making an envelope easier).   SEE:



Okay… so… back up a couple of steps.  The card is 4 1/2″ square.  So, I made the envelope 4 3/4″ square.  In order to do this, you cut a paper that is 8×8 and use the diagonal plate on your stampin’ score to score lines at every 3 3/8″  (do it on all sides).  This will leave you with a little place where your score lines intersect.  You are gonna wanna remove the paper from the area where they intersect.  The square punch works swimmingly.  Now I know you could use scissors and cut it.  But WHY??


20130517_202312 - Copy

And, you need the punches to punch out the pieces for the front of the card.  Well, I suppose you can cut it, but punching is faster.   And, for the butterfly, I decided to use the aqua painter.  Cause I wanted to be able to layer the color.  Okay.  JUST had a brainstorm…  I need to research this, but perhaps some of you know…  now, copic markers are alcohol based.  I wonder what would happen if you used alcohol in the aqua painter??  I’ve never tried.  Always done water…  HUM…  Anyway, that is beside the point.  I know lots of people prefer the blender pen to the aqua painter, but… gotta say… I love the aqua painter.  Admittedly, there is a learning curve with using it, but once you figure it out, it is EXCELLENT for adding color to specific places.  Perfect for shading, adding depth…etc…



And of course, I had to add some rhinestones cause, well DIAMONDS should be on everything.    See in the butterfly that it looks like a few colors?  It’s not.  Just tangerine tango… layered on with the aqua painter…




Just another perspective…  My favorite is the butterfly busting out of the box.  Cause why be conformed to a box??  Why be limited by a white envelope??  To a NORMAL sized card???  There is NO NEED TO LIMIT.  🙂


Anyway, I hope you enjoy the rest of the tour… You are now headed over to Deb Leigh.  You can click on the button below.  Or use the list of links if you need….


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